New combat potion change

Oh yeah. I tried potting every pull one dungeon just to see the power, and jeez it really does make a difference.

But I really cant do that because of how expensive it is.

I think that’s a good point, although progression raiding can go through a fair few pots as well when you make 20+ attempts on a boss in a given night.

It’s clearly a mythic+ based change with how insanely expensive it can be.

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Pretty decent change imo. Fights under 5 minutes are unchanged, but fights over 5 that have a tight dps check in the middle force you to choose how to use potions.

Shareholder Karen = Sharon…oh my gawddddd

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I read it. What I am asking is who thought they were a hassle, who thought they were too expensive (alchemists sure as hell didn’t), and who thought that putting them on a 5 minute CD makes them more “decision-oriented?” All that does is change the decision you make, it doesn’t make it any more or less decision-oriented.

It’s a sideways change, not a positive or a negative. And my question is just… why? Why bother with these sorts of changes? This is a waste of time and no one had an issue with how potions were.

Unchanged? Fights under 5 minutes had their potion usage cut in half. Which means the “decisions” that they want us to make were reduced in half. Making them less decision oriented.

This is the thing that bothers me. Why are the designers even thinking about this? It’s such a minimal non-issue that nobody cares about, and the dev time is being eaten up brainstorming “HEY LET’S CHANGE POTION TIMERS!” It just misses the mark of what the community is expecting when they make changes.

and reiterating again, it isn’t a “bad” change. It’s also by no means a good change. It’s just a change. Which is why I’m asking why. Nobody cared about how potions were used. It’s just a change for the sake of making a change.

Even if this decision took them 2 hours to come up with, most of us would rather those 2 hours go to figuring out more spells to take off GCD or something useful.

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It’s just another case of Blizzard being completely oblivious. Like if pots were too expensive, make the mats more common or reduce the mats to make potions. Raising the cooldown is the wrong way to change this.

Also why are they wasting resources even thinking about this stuff. Covenants, class design, legendaries, etc are what we need to be focusing on. Not combat potions.


The flip side is I don’t see why it was “bad” to begin with.

Is pre-potting really a “problem” that needed fixing? Of all the things wrong with this game, I would argue pre-potting should rank pretty low on the priority list.

Also don’t all cd’s reset when you tag a boss? Will the 5 minute pre-pot cd persist? Or will we now have to pot, tag boss, reset boss, then continue with encounter with remaining potion time?

I just don’t think this was necessary in any capacity.

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One thing I forgot about completely was how badly this messes up tanks in M+

Skystep potions share cooldowns with combat potions, and tanks REGULARLY use skysteps in M+ to round up mobs for bigger pulls. This is just another change that slows the game down for players doing harder content.


Does this apply to health pots?

No, it does not.

Unchanged in the decision making sense. In the vast majority of cases a prepot is just an X gold tax you pay for at each pull because that’s what good raiders do.

Unless there’s some fight I’m forgetting about where there was a compelling reason not to do it?

Anecdotally, tons of people in the “just barely get CE (or almost get)” think it’s a hassle. This isn’t a hill I care about enough to actually dig through logs to find real data for, but I think you’re underestimating how many people don’t do it because of the cost.

This is definitely an issue I hadn’t thought of initially. Skysteps are fun.

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It’s pretty obvious this change is fully directed at mythic+ and how just a single run can be 15+ potions.


Some of them do … Most do not though.

We’ve got heroic on farm to such an extent that we’re killing many of the bosses in a minute or so. lol

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Potions are too expensive? Well maybe next time don’t make a single potion require 13 herbs? Derp.


I agree with OP. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


Okay, but if they just don’t do it as is then this change does absolutely nothing for them and only takes away from the people that do, you know?

It’s just… like…

why is this something that our subscription fees are paying for to be changed lol

But I wanna use more potions! All I get to use are the sleepytime mana potions and they don’t make a very good pre-pot potion :stuck_out_tongue:

5 mins seems way to long, I think 2 mins would be more ideal if they want this to be a lasting change. I honestly would prefer 1 minute. If people want to burn consumables let them.

The game is now all about what restrictions they can impose on players. They like to use “player agency” as a bonus of forcing us to chose which set of covenant restrictions we will be locked into for the expansion. But it’s pointless changes that only remove options that are the direction they are taking this game.

Players who are given options choose to play the game wrong. They will continue to remove options until there are no more options to any player. And they will continue to use the term “player agency” to describe the shrinking of the game.