New cgi (possible spoilers?)

(Veliina) #76

I mean I think they turned him into a pretty solid anti hero / chaotic good type.

One thing we dont really know as players though is how hard did blizzard intend us to take the events of the war of thorns.

Like its possiable they miscalculated and were like ‘whoops they took that way harsher than intended’, and already had they story planned out and will just stick with that.

Dunno thats my conspiracy theory though.

Will be intresting to see what the voice actor seemed emotional about though. She has voice acted the character for 15 years so could be anything from a redemption to syl finally goin down.

(Galenar) #77

Too late for regrets. They made their bed now they have to lie in it.


I always chose to see those visions xera showed as her tryong to manipulate us by hyping illidan up as the hood guy or better than he was. Illidan is an anti hero who treads being an anti villian.


Don’t get me hopeful


That Saurfang is going to die this xpac is a safe bet, I say. And for sure it will be in a CGI Cinematic, with sad music and all.

(Galenar) #81

Don’t forget Tyrande finally being in a cinematic so she can cry and declare he was a noble soul all along.

(Fellína) #82

Being that it was CG and not something where they said in game it could lead to something at blizzcon making the people that hate Sylvnas that much more mad that she wont die this expansion.

At the same time i have no idea what the person thinks of the character they voice so being conflicted over something doesnt really add anything to this conversation in any great detail as to what will happen.

Either way it will be interesting to watch people complain from either side.


I’m curious, too. All we can do is wait.

So that’s what she’s saying.

(Myalison) #84

Keep in mind, this is Blizzard. The same people that told you that Garrosh’s fate would be satisfying to all players and that BfA wouldn’t make anyone feel like they had picked the wrong faction.

Their understanding of how players will receive things doesn’t have the greatest track record.

(Valdrane) #85

It’s impossible to please everyone. Then again, I don’t recall Blizzard ever saying ALL players. So, if you could point me in the direction of that particular quote, I would appreciate it.

(Myalison) #86

I can’t find it at the moment. I do distinctly remember it being debated at the time in the old forums, and everyone being (rightly) skeptical that Blizzard could pull it off.

(Valdrane) #87

I remember that too, and Blizzard talking about it. I do not remember them saying it would please all people.


Found it, I think. As with most half-memories, the reality is less definitive than I thought.

It was in a Q&A at Blizzcon 2013 - World of Warcraft: The Adventure Continues panel. I would post the link, but I am insufficiently beloved on the forums to post links :slight_smile:

Q. Garrosh in this expansion was kind of a letdown – the legacy of Grom and how Garrosh follows that same path of corruption is never addressed. Will we see that in the next expansion?

A. Yes. They feel they may have pushed Garrosh a little too far in one direction this expansion. They aren’t going to redeem him next expansion – they don’t want to call it redemption – but they’re going to provide a more satisfying ending for both us, and for the character. Garrosh has “crazy daddy issues.” There’s a lot of Garrosh explanation that’s going to happen this expansion.

(Valdrane) #89

The main problem with Garrosh is that everything that happened was someone else’s fault and not his. First he blames his father, then Thrall. Say what you want about Garrosh, at least he was consistent.

When they push characters too far, there is rarely a 100% satisfying ending for all players. IT’s unrealistic for anyone to think everyone can be pleased, it’s a statistical impossibility.

(Etheldald) #90

oh boy another million dollar horde cinematic and i am already seeing that tyrande or the alliance got nothing, again.

i hate bees! not the bees! :honeybee:

Do you honestly think that me, a worgen rogue cares about moral highground? either way,i don’t care if its just tyrande or jaina murdering everyone or just seeing something alliance in hd. i think that we deserve something.


You get a Bee Mount. Isn’t that what you wanted?

(Valdrane) #92

Hey, you guys want to maintain your boring moral high ground, then you get boring story. Alliance story is always more interesting when they are in conflict with each other.


And sad orc is just so darn compelling isn’t it?


Would Tyrande or Jaina being murdered be acceptable? They could go out like Varian did, heroicly sacrificing themselves against a tide of unstoppable evil.

(Etheldald) #95

that would be actually pretty metal, an heroic sacrifice is the best way to go.