New boomy form

Icy Veins Patch 10.2 Interview - Rogue and Druid Class Changes, Healing Changes, Power Infusion Looked At - Wowhead News

pictures in this article
New Druid Customization Coming in Patch 10.2 - Stone Cairn Moonkins & Fiery Raid Druids - Wowhead News

3 new balance forms based on the concept art and at least 1 new stag and bear form. Likely an update for flaming cat form basted on the first article.

We’re also getting another round of talent changes but thats more :dracthyr_uwahh_animated: then anything else at this point.


Omg I want that fire Boomkin form.

Better have matching fire animations.

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So they just added a couple of pixels and recolored it…i was hoping for something i would actually use


You wouldnt of been happy no matter what.


LOL…seriously thats what you can contribute with?

Pathetic trolling kid.

The new moonkin forms skins are zero effort stuff…nobody will use them. (because it is litterally the same as we already had…stop the pathetic worship when they dont make effort)

The other skins are good.

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The irony…


They just can’t make non night elf druid stuff

Another blizz employee trolling?

Is it not possible for you bois to add something of value…like your own opinion on the matter at the least?

Only pathetic trolling and trashtalking…pathetic fanbois

Reading the Icy Veins interview are these going to be Raid only earnings? If so then Im out of luck.


Not surprisingly, you still haven’t grasped the irony.

The point is to not use the dumb moonkin forms at all. They look like recolors of the same old ugly form.


Looks like the refreshed the casting animations and actually gave the damn form some leg length. It has KNEES now.

Changing approach from now…going to use my legion werebear for m+ to get ksm, and use a zandalari troll boomkin in pvp. That form is actually fairly enjoyable.

As much as I like the upcoming forms, I want to see a new Glyph of Stars operating like the new Shadow Priest form. I want my mog to show properly while fighting. It sometimes feels like all your work is diminished on the Boomkin because it’s harder to show off.


Currently its also impossible to show off dps-wise…balance at bottom of raid dps lol

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Are the three pictures in this thread all they’re adding for boomy…?

Someone made a claim that there will be the fiery looking boomkin with even more horns…that can drop from raid, but I havent seen any rela confirmation of that yet.

I mean they are all still just phat featherblobs anyways…ill stay transparent blue NE :stuck_out_tongue:

Or just werebear for m+ on 1 druid and zanda troll balance on druid 2 for the new solo qeue rbg’s …avoidng all that recolor nonsence ^^