New AV is live - early reports here

No one who cares about rank will care if it takes them another few weeks to make a meaningful change. By then everyone who wants R14 will have R14.

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They have shown that they don’t want premades in AV so expect mass cheating reports. :cowboy_hat_face:


If they don’t want AV premades why didn’t they take all of the numbers away?

I don’t think you’ll be able to judge that until you’ve seen how many people from your premade have gotten into the same AV after several hours of playing. You’re definitely going to be facing more coordinated 5-man horde groups, which means that if your premade only has, say, 20 instead of 30 guys in a bg then you will likely experience a loss that takes a long time. Thereby making WSG the ranking meta.

As of 7:43AM PST I still have visible battleground numbers. But oddly, my first match of the day was half full of whiny premaders apparently angry that they couldn’t fully stack their BGs anymore, who spent most of the match angriliy insulting all the pugs, while we lost horribly and they couldn’t stop it.

Kind of seems like the changes haven’t fully propagated to all servers yet.




It’s coming. If it’s not there yet, it’ll be there. Patience.

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That sounds like a failed patch then - they said they would change it.

Because they’re morons

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They removed the #… only from the queue pop. The AV battle master still shows the number (so you can snipe / fill) and the scoreboard hover still shows the AV# (so you can coordinate discord channels with ease).

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if that’s true that won’t change anything because the entire strat is to fill a brand new game of force a brand new game to pop and then subsequently fill.

There are likely ways to cheat still, but expect mass reports.

Sub-threads suck. Peoples idea’s big fixes get lost in a multi-thread.

Could they not just get away from FIFO queue’s and set artificial queue timers up.
take current average add some random interval timer 5-30 minutes(above the current average) etc etc
some players get the avg insta pop some get artificially held for several more minutes. Higher Ranks get held longer


Second match, same premade group, but with less less whining and insulting from them this time.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the people doing premades are not the serious pvpers we’ve been told. Horde shut us down hard, and without a 40-man deathball all stacked on top of each other rushing to the end of the map, they just didn’t know what to do besides shout at people to go south. So horde picked people off and our entire team got sent back to stonehearth, and we eventually lost, just like has been happening to pugs for the past three weeks.

And me, little miss “poverty pony” who wasn’t good enough for them finished the match having fought a couple LTs and at #3 highest killing blows alliance side…below a solid block of the top 10 out of 10 kills all done by horde. All, again, pretty much like has been happening in my pugs for the past three weeks.

Doesn’t seem very different from my point of view. And as of 8:26 now, I can still see battleground numbers. But clearly from the fact that I’ve had 2 of 2 matches with what sounded like a premade leader talking about discord, some things are different for some people.

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I still see the AV#s when I went to the BM and qued up too. However I notice that my rank hasn’t been calculated for the week and I still see last week’s numbers.

This would screw with the premades big time. If they aren’t doing this they need to.

Eventually, games won’t start until full. I don’t it’ll be easy to predict which games would fit 20+ players. I don’t they’ll be able to coordinate much.

I wouldent think rankers would care about AV premades to begin with. Alliance (on the fourms atleast) seem OK with being able to premade. Horde rankers shouldent care about it since all horde deal with the same AV regardless. Premades hurt casuals more than anything.

And that has always been the case.