New, Aus based

Hey guys. Aus based. Wondering what server I’d be best joining and also an active but chill guild :slight_smile: happy to create a new character as I haven’t invested much time into one yet

I’m not in OCE, but from what I’ve heard from people who are, Frostmourne is the most active Alliance realm, and Barthilas is where you want to go if you’re playing Horde. Best of luck and welcome to the game! Always feel free to let us know if you have a question you can’t figure out! :slight_smile:

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What Zipster said. Although if you have no interest in raiding songs of the other realms have ok populations.

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Thanks guys. Won’t feel like I’m wasting time now :slight_smile:

The Oceanic realms also have their own forums under Community and Guild Recruitment categories. They would be worth checking out.

Not really, they’re mostly dead.

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