New Auction House does not show character level requirements?

Hello all, I just FINALLY finished unlocking the Vulpera as a playable race, and tried to make a new character, but have some issue with ridiculous Blizzard problems…
First off, I made a Shaman, and wanted to use Enhancement spec to level them, but you cannot use half of the spells without a ‘one handed melee weapon’, which seems to not include the Fist weapon / Shield combo the character started with. So, I had to go and buy a Mace to be allowed to use my attacks. This makes no sense to me at all, and I have seen it before with my Rogue, that many of her attacks require ‘one handed melee weapon’, and her Daggers do not count. I cannot understand why Blizzard decided to not classify so many different weapons as not being this type. I guess just to be cruel to the players, which seems to be their nature.
In any case, I was trying to get a Mace for my new character from the AH, but every Mace I bought did not show the required character level, until I got it from the Mailbox. That is too late, as the gold has already been spent. Is there any way to tell if a character can use an item in the new AH setup, or do you just have to guess?? Thanks in advance!!

Are you using the Filters to help you sort the searches?

Here is a basic search of all 1 handed maces:

Here is the search list greatly reduced down by using the “Usable Only” filter:

And here it is reduced even more by entering in a starting level:

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Thanks for the useful response / answer…
I kind of expected to get attacked / trolled ruthlessly, as is often the case when you ask a question here, but this is helpful, so Thanks again Kyzera!!

You are most welcome.

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Wait, I tried that, and it still sells items my alts cannot equip??
So, that is not a helpful answer, I must rescind my thanks, as this was not an answer…
I just wasted almost 100k on items and half of them cannot be used by my alt…

Oh wait, I see now, you have to reset it every time you do a search.
I cannot get that truthfully, but now I see, and can avoid wasting gold in the future, so I will offer my Thanks again!!

Glad that you got it sorted.

Despite the time you spent unlocking Vulpera, you should have the gold to get the mace heirloom.

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