New allied races + "Customization allied races" for core races + New classes for races

What a lovely summary. I really appreciate you for mentioning my favorite race here and was delighted to see it. Also yes–I REALLY would love so much to see Prince Theraldis or Atherann (one or both of the missing blood princes) being developed. I really think they have such neat potential. We only saw them once in a vision and I’m wondering what they’ve been up to for a decade. There’s a lot of good story (antihero-esque) that could be written. They also would work well with Taunka, I feel. Necrotic Horse sounds lovely, bet there’s some neat designs that could be made from it. Or maybe a bat-like horse, too.

But yeah! Appreciate it, and of course love all the other things you mentioned too, I support all of this dearly. I love these customizations too. I also think a pandaren druid would be another great class/race combo to have!


Yes they are blood elves, who have been painted purple so that people can pretend they are not blood elves. No lore. Just something taken from the thin air to fill the vacuum.

But then it would just be another new variant of draenei. would be 3.
How innovative. :sleeping:

We can not. Blizzard just didn’t leave any chance for this.
They preferred to give us something that everyone took for granted as obese humans with no heroic appeal and junkgnomes that no one liked, especially after being paired with vulperas, who were a race that everyone loved. it was like giving a Ferrari to the horde and a trabant to the alliance and not imagining why the alliance left the BfA with such eroded morale.

But could we have arakkoas/saberons/vrykul?
Not just more things that just humiliate the alliance’s image.
There are options that can bring something new and different but it seems that only what is invariable can be put on the alliance.

The impression I have is that if blizzard used a race of dragonborne, they would end up in the horde because blizzard preferred to make their story only linked to the horde.
And for ally, they would do something like gnomes made of wood and cynically say that races are equal in appeal to players.

Yep. Jinyus at least has a history with the alliance.

Mogus on alliance would be the same as nagas on alliance.
Something very silly. Mogus are a breed we have no history with.
And they are a race of usurpers, antagonists and enslavers. If I’m going to pick something like that, I’d prefer that we’re graced with gnolls.

With new classes => better than just another reskin race with exactly the same classes or less classes. :wink:

Let’s see what will be the next races before saying that. Sure allied races in BfA weren’t perfect. But what is done is done. Now we must think about the future.

We need to know how before wanting them.
Arakkoas => Only cursed Arakkoas are in our world
Saberons => There are only few of them from Draenor (WoD) and they are somewhere in Durotar (but where?)
Vrykul => For those we know, they don’t care about Alliance or Horde. So we need to have “new smaller vrykul” to have one chance to get them.

Many people like the Dark Iron Dwarves in the both side too. :wink:

Dark Iron Dwarves doesn’t humiliate the Alliance’s image at all. :fire:

Well, Alliance could get new race with a “true” canine race :dog: or a humanoid fish-like :shark: or a reptile race :lizard: for example. I think it should be pretty refreshing. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sure I would like a new refreshing race in the Alliance side too as did Vulpera, Nightborne and Zandalari Troll on the Horde side. I like playing my Zandalari Troll or my Nightborne.

My only hope, for now, is for the 10.0 => Can we have new cool races or old races we want for a long time and not just a reskin races with the same classes.

Old races:
Alliance: Broken (TBC), Jinyu (MoP)
Horde: Mok’Nathal (TBC), Taunka (WotLK), San’layn (WotLK), Gilgoblin (Cataclysm?), Ogre (Vanilla or Cataclysm), Forest Troll (Vanilla or Cataclysm => customization like the wildhammer?), Dark Ranger (Vanilla or WotLK => customization?)

Agreed with that. They should have more interactions with the Alliance especially since the end of MoP. :thinking:

A potential allied race too. :fish:

Mogu have one of the best lore in the World of Wracraft franchise.
Mogu are a titan-forged race as the Dwarves, the Humans and the Gnomes are titan-forged races too. :gear:
Not all of them are antagonists and enslavers => Rajani or emperor Tsao

Well, we can always find a good opportunity for that. Mostly if it’s well written. :wink:

I prefer to have Mogu or Jinyu instead Gnolls. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one about that. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s not a bad idea. I like it. So I added it in the Class section. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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