New 70..let me just jump into Solo shuffle real quick

Just start people with no cr at 1400 mmr or something. If they stomp lobbies 6-0 just increase their mmr faster during placements or something, it’s really not that hard.

People with 0 CR should never be in 2k mmr+ lobbies


Yeah, that’s how it worked previously. 1500, go 6-0, ascend to 2100 mmr.

Why join solo shuffle without full conq gear if you want to push?
Do some 2v2s and farm rbgs to get conq then push.

I’m 20 hours into level 70 on my Rogue and still 1 piece shy of being fully geared. This is after sending him 16 conquest boxes at the start as well. It’s faster but by no means actually fast to gear up unless you get some insane luck on the boxes.

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The system is still weird to me because of the fact you don’t get any conquest in SS unless you win 3+ matches. In honor blues you would have to be extremely lucky for the enemy to not notice your lower HP and ignore you.

This just makes it more efficient to farm conquest on your main and toss over the 350 conquest boxes in hopes that you can RNG fill every slot with at least a piece, and backfill with BIS stat afterwards.

Or have friends that will play with your alts and spam regular 2s/3s to gear.

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Whining about gear when it’s so easy to get this late into the season .

I guess according to this post, people do think that

I geared my hunter enough in 3 days then got rival 1 on her in sub 50 rounds, I am quite confident you could gear yourself and take your time a bit slower than I did and find more success.

Homie i’ve fully geared alts from 437-450 inside 2 days there is really no excuse man, take this somewhere else

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“I’m not reading that”
complains on forums

Mcdonalds should also put up a sign warning people of the harm they will subject themselves to eating their slop

Im at mcdonalds btw lmao

I def get this. I ordered some mcdonalds yesterday, instantly regretted it.

Get me a large fries, honey sauce and a coke no ice pls

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It’s a really bad idea to try and gear a new alt with RSS.

  • You have to win 3 games to get conquest. All 6 matches in the set have to happen for anyone to get conquest iirc. Players leave a lot in the placement matches. You will stand out like a sore thumb as the player in blues. The likelihood of you winning 3 is low, the likelihood of all 6 games happening is low, the likelihood of both happening is even lower.
  • Placement matches are really important. MMR starts at 1800 for a new alt right now. If you tank your placement matches, you only go further down into ELO hell where the scenario from (1) only gets worse.
  • Conquest boxes exist. Random epic BG quests are completable every season. IMO, the best way to do this is send a bazillion conquest boxes to your new alt from your main/other geared toons, then learn how to press the buttons on your new toon via random BG/epic/brawl, then spamming yolo 2s or 3s. It is easier to recover your mmr in those brackets once you have gear (and gear with the right stats on it) because you get to pick who you queue with. You tank your shuffle MMR and it’s a lot longer of a road to get your rating back fighting in the ELO hell pits.
  • Once you have gear with the right stats on it and a very basic level of understanding of your new alt, getting 1800 cr/elite set is incredibly easy via shuffle, you just can’t screw it up by blowing your placement matches trying to gear.
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Or how dominos warns people to open box before eating pizza.

They fry machine broke :pensive:

You can’t even jump into solo shuffle till your basically full honor gear. Anything past that point is probably skill issue.
How do I know this? I just leveled a disc priest alt from 60-70 and got it to almost 1800 in 2 days of playing…

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Mmr is all botched.

I was in a solo q with another healer who was 2k and all the dps were fresh and in blues.

Like 0-3 or 3-3.

I went 5-1 and that healer lost over 100 cr.

It was a perfect example why healers leave and dislike solo q.

Hm. Got any screenshots? :dracthyr_a1:

Didn’t bother with ss this time

Happens so frequently on my hpriest it doesn’t shock me anymore.