New 10.2 Skins are fantastic! More humble options?

The new customizations for 10.2 are fantastic,

Am I the only one who would love a less fancy, more feral looking option?

Like maybe an HD version of the traditional Cat form skins for those us of Druids who like a more natural animal customization with less of the trinkets/blinged out sort of look.

(Howls at the moon)


I would love more cat form cat forms. The new skins look amazing but not what I personally want, though I very well may use the new fire cat skin when it’s updated to use the modern animations.

Yeah don’t really like any of them except for 1 runbear and 2 of the Dreamtalon’s. But that’s good enough for me.

The Dreamsabers and Dreamtalons look cool. But that fiery Runebear is absolutely badass. I definitely hope that makes it to live. I would also love a more primitive looking cheetah for travel form. Or something altogether new for land based travel form.

Is there a clear picture of the fire moonkin skin yet with animation?

So the Cat Raptor is that a travel form or is that going to be a feral form.

It has the same animations as Zandalari travel form, so it’s for travel

None of them appeal to me.

I want something more down to earth and savage/feral looking.

The images I saw pretty much all just lean towards cute and/or goofy. Oh well.


I’d like to transform into a regular 'ol honey badger instead of cat form.

Does that count?

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This won’t ever happen, but I wish we got a skin every tier. This of us that are feral
Or boomy never see the tier set mog anyway. Give me new shapeshifte mogs.