Never Played on a PvP server, change my opinion!

As an old Gen-Xer, I feel that I might not have the patience or twitch skill to play on a PvP server, especially having never played on one before.

So, what is a good class to play as Alliance on a PvP server for a newbie PvP server player? I swore I wouldn’t do it, but I have the itch that I am sure will be beaten out of me in Redridge. But hey, got time to kill!


Warlock could be an old people class

Not much fast reaction time stuff you have to do

Also I hear healing classes are mature, and paladin i hear is slower played, so maybe paladin

I would recommend a rogue. Simply for the fact you can vanish. Beyond that, you can get away from most fights with a gouge + sprint at low level. Obviously if they have a mount and a thirst for blood, odds are not in your favor regardless of class. Mage or warrior would be my second choices as both have pretty decent escape mechanics.


Or rogue if encountan army.

If you want to play PvP I would suggest HORDE. Alliance are TERRIBLE at PvP and lose every PUG match they play! If you want to be good, and on a winning side, Horde all the way!

not too concerned about BGs, tbh. Have no desire to chase rank or anything like that and gearing through PvP is a fool’s errand.

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RP-PvP servers are the most fun

Come join us on Deviate Delight…small, but fun and close community consisting of mostly casual players.

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I think rogue is very fast twitch, you have kicks to react to stuff, and other things probably Idk

If you want to PvP you play on PvE servers.

Those have been the best server option for WoW Classic since P2 began, and if I didn’t already have friends/a guild I would probably leave Sulfuras and go PvE.

Yeah, and I play on a PvE server (have my entire WoW career), but thought I would see what the hub-bub is now that most of my friends have taken a Classic break.

I know I will most likely not stick with it.

I’m an old Gen Xer, with disabilities that slow me down, and I’ve done decently well on a PVP server.

Hunter, warlock, rogue.
And pick one of the two RP-PVP servers, like Deviate Delight (as suggested above) or Grobbulus. The communities there are more laid back.

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Don’t let them fool you, if you are not interested in overwhelming / outnumbering people or being outnumbered / overwhelmed then PVE servers are 100% acceptable. The reality is that PVP servers are for the most part dominated by one side. If you want to experience wpvp the wpvp on pve servers is typically way more fair as both sides are looking for PVP and zerging deters the other side from pvping.

On pvp servers typically the way it works is: One side has an overwhelming force, to fight it you bring close to even numbers. If your side wins, the other side will literally disappear and run from any fight until they can again overwhelm what was an even fight, or they just dont show up again.

So you spent 20+ mins prepping to go at their zerg, for about a 30 sec fight.

PVP servers have calmed down a bit, but up until recently I could count on one hand the amount of 1v1s that didn’t instantly become a 3v1 or worse.

The reality is that people that flag on PVE servers get more real PVP and are actually way less carebear than any one that rolls the overwhelming faction on a PVP server.


Xer here as well. I play Hunter/Lock/Ret. Pvp servers are a blast. Been pvp servers only for me since 2006. Retail warmode is terrible. Pvp optional on a pvp server is a joke, what’s the point?

At any rate, Grobb is a good server. Nice people, decent economy.

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there is no pvp anymore on pvp servers unless its raid night most people sit in the cities and wait for bg queues.

you have the entire alliance faction hidding in a city waiting to queue for pvp classic wows pvp is in a bad state.

OK, going to try out Grobbulus. If you see the paladin Renthelm, pat him on the head!


You’re crazy old man, don’t do it!

But… if you’re looking for punishment, roll a Night Elf Warrior on Fairbanks.

Good sir, night elves are not dwarves. Ergo, only one reason to roll an elf, and that is to be a druid. Therefore, no reason to be a druid.

You misunderstood, I was trying to give you every disadvantage possible.


Inb4 an unprecedented amount of grobulus horde threads in 2 months about bubble hearths

When in doubt, Bubble-Hearth. - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

EDIT: It is fate. I have found 2 six slot bags already.

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