Never got a mount from a drop. Ever

One of the best things that ever happened to me in WoD was the fishing groups in the finder. That is how I got my two turtle mounts after fishing like a demon for so long.

I hunted Invisible for many years only doing on this character. Then one day I wanted some mail gear so I took my Shaman through there and got it on that characters first try.

Mix it up a bit is my ultimate suggestion.

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I find i get most of my lucky mount drops when i go places for things other than the mount…

Its like the mounts know you want them


Four Words.

Time-Lost Proto Drake.

I have camped this great drake since WotLK. ONE time i got it to the ground. Only to find out while I killed it another player tagged it first.
Since then Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

Don’t feel bad OP there’s a reason those rare mounts are rare.
Keep trying though.


I’m morally obligated to keep Cantaloupe forever because I got that mount while on one of my many, many xmog runs in Ulduar.

Cantaloupe forever.


I cannot count how many times I’ve run ICC or Stonecore… but I’m not complaining as I’ve been very lucky with mounts. Just hang in there.

Good luck!


Azure drake from Eye of Eternity has been my bane for a while trying to finish the drake achievement. Run it on like 8 toons a week still never see it.

The trick to farming mounts is to never give up.

Even when you get to the point that you wonder if the mount even exists and you were hallucinating when you saw that guy on it that one time.

Keep going, but sake of sanity rotate in other dungeons to break the monotony.

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I have been farming the drake. I have gotten so much rep over exalted that the vykrul think I am a god. Yet no drake. :cry:


I took a mate of mine on an IE. She got a mount drop after three minutes. I know people who have done dozens of IR and not one mount.

Another mate took his brother to Tempest Keep for fun. The brother had only just started WOW. Guess who got the Ashes first try.

My mate, through gritted teeth, congratulated him.

What he said later was…unprintable. :rofl::rofl:


I got incredibly lucky in a 5 man random dungeon and won the /Roll for Deathchargers Reigns

I got Invincible, and Mimiron’s Head on the same day.

(I also got Pureblood Firehawk, and Flametalon of Alysrazor on the same day, they just don’t have Feats of Strength with them.)

Don’t worry, I was farming on six different characters at the time, so it’s not so bad.

Plus, if it’s of any consolation, I trudge through Dragon Soul constantly and have yet to see either Deathwing mount. Do you know how awful that place is to farm?

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In MoP, me and my buddy were ganking lowbies in the Blasted Lands, and killing them when they showed up on their 85s.

When we went through a lull (a lot of people would usually log out after their third or fourth death) we would usually queue a bg or an arena.

Except one day we decided to queue the Valentine’s Day boss for the first time, as neither of us had run it.

Surprise surprise I got the rocket. Thinking back on it, there’s a good chance I’m the only person to get it on their first run.

I took it as a sign that the RNGods didn’t care about me slaughtering defenseless lowbies, and spent the rest of the expansion ganking them, this time on a big pink rocket.

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Farming mounts is a fun thing for me. I get to complete older transmog sets on several classes and some of the old raids are fun to do solo. It will wear on you if you only stress about the mount.


You should try for Clutch of Ji-Kun in Throne of Thunder. It’s a mount drop with a kind of decent drop rate and it didn’t take too long for me to get.

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It truly is a Mystery on how things work with mount drops - There have been more than a few times where I’ll run a character that hasn’t been to the specific raid before, and get a rare mount

Happened with: Experiment 12-B, Clutch of Ji-kun, Also read plenty of stories of people like in this thread who bring ppl along and they mysteriously get a super rare mount for just being there the first time

There’s the mounts off the “rates” in Arathi right now, they’re not guaranteed drops, but they do drop pretty readily.

There’s also a mount (or at least there was) from these any of these 3 bugs in Silithus. I think I got mine on the first trip out. So you can try your bad luck there.

I got my blue drake in 50 runs of UP across 2 characters.

Lulls in the game are great times to stack up the alts and run daily heroics for mounts. Raids are more than I care to run for such things, though I certainly gave ZG a solid try at the end of Wrath. Which was fun, on my DK, because the fights were just on the brink of what I could solo. Success was not assured. Vs, like, today, I can one shot everything – crummy game play, it turns me off from farming stuff like that. Makes me mad at cast times. I farmed AQ40 for transmog gear – what an awful experience.

But, anyway, try some of the higher drop rate stuff, just to break your curse.

Maybe you will get lucky with a flying mount drop…one day you might be able to use it.


I got the Ashenvale Chimera off of the rare Alash’anir in Darkshore first try. That never happens to me when I’m actually trying to get a mount. So try that if I can do it anyone else can.