Neutral-ish, preferably multi-race, RP guild ? (Horde)

Checking for my level 61 Nightborne character–he’s the one I think I’m going to dabble in for RP (after much dilly-dallying and trying to decide what alt to focus on and make into a main).

IC: My naughty, ugly Nightborne, Syrendrel, needs a place to crash. He’s a lower class Shal’dorei and isn’t interested with Suramarian politics much. Nor is he super gung-ho Sylvanas/war/destroy Alliance!!! after just having dealt with and barely survived the Legion’s occupation of Suramar. He wants to stay as far away from the current Horde vs. Alliance as is feasibly possible, while still being “loyal” enough to the Horde they don’t kick him out of Orgrimmar.

Personality-wise, he’s tongue-in-cheek sarcastic about many things, deeply curious, a non-magic user (had little inclination–which basically cemented his ‘just the help’ status in Shal’dorei society), and may be up for black market involvement (so long as they aren’t outright “we’re evil bad assassins who murder for profit” or apt to get him tossed in a cage forever and ever). Basically: chaotic neutral with a deep sense of self preservation. I do have a lore-friendly backstory for him.

OOC needs:

I’m a grumpy old mama IRL who has a special needs child-- that means I just want a chill place to…well, chill. While I usually have weekday evenings to myself, I may have other important things going on IRL. What does that mean? I can’t 100% promise I’ll be at every guild event. I’ll try, but RL must come first in my situation, no ifs, ands, or buts.

No drama, no pressure (I’m not into raiding at all or even Mythic +) type guild. I do have a lot of RP experience, but it’s been years since I really participated for various reasons. Certainly a guild that has strict boundaries with OOC/IC lines blurring. And if your guild is full of old farts? Bonus.

You can check out Picks and Pints Horde side guild Reliquary Vanguard ran by Targai. It’s a similar premise to Picks and that it’s an adventurer treasure hunting company but instead of blue it’s red.

There isn’t a dedicated guild thread (yet) but here’s the Picks and Pints thread.

So just picture this but with more goblins and bloofs :sparkles:

PnP is definitely chill and has no pressure because I am a member and barely log in but they still keep me around for some reason :woman_shrugging::purple_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Azeroth Peace Council :wink:

For non-guild casual rp check out the Quilen & Cloud Teahouse. Or come to the Stormwind University events held in neutral territory. you’ll run into some people with similar rl situations & desires.

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Thanks! I think I’ve seen Azeroth Peace Council around but thought they weren’t currently recruiting (though I could be very mistaken on that)? I’ll try to catch some of those events, too-- mainly, though, I just want a place to call “home” on my snarky Nightborne doofus :slight_smile:

APC are regulars at both events I mentioned. :wink:

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Might I suggest checking out Firebrand Enterprises?