Net-O-Matic desperately needs reworking

Net-o-matic, I think most people would agree, has been one of the worst items added to the game in it’s current state. It either needs to have it’s range reduced, usage in lag scenarios addressed, or just removed from the game entirely.

#1: getting netted out of the air and being stuck in combat(with no mobs on you) for long enough for a party to gang up and kill you, just doesn’t feel good.

#2: Net-o-matic doesn’t seem to have any any line of site limitations. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the other side of an entire mountain and been knocked out of the air and hunted.

#3: the range needs to be shorter and audio warnings more prominent. On many occasions I’ve been netted out of the air with ZERO audio indication and suddenly find myself falling to my death. Again, if lag is a problem with audio indicators and range, perhaps net-o-matic should simply be removed from the game.

Is it fun to net someone out of the air and watch them fall to their death? Yes.

Does it feel good being on the receiving end and having ZERO defense against it? NO

Is the current effective range good for the game? I don’t believe so, the fact that lag and other game factors allow it to work with zero line of sight/range factors, just simply doesn’t feel good.

#2 yes it does obey line of sight. mountains do not count as LoS.

#3 no range nerfs, or else it would be useless

carry gliders + potions of deepholm with you if you dont like the netomatic, or turn warmode off. you keep talking about how it “doesnt feel good” but the fact of the matter is, its not meant to “feel good” to be the one getting netted - it wasnt designed to be.


Didn’t want to make a new thread or hijack yours, but since it’s related thought I’d give you a free bump:

Does anyone know if the Saddlechute Mount Equipment works vs Net-o-matic?

Just turn off warmode and you won’t be netted.


yes it does

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Thank you! that’s great to know.

I disagree. Also it does have line of sight limitations.


Play DH. And Call it a Day.


This almost made me laugh and cry at the same time.

It’s perfectly fine as is. Every class has some mechanic they can use to counter it. As a warrior save your heroic leap for that (if you’re in range of a mob you can also charge, but that’s unreliable if there’s nothing nearby).

In addition to this you have items available to everyone (as mentioned above).


Net-o-matic was a great addition to the game. It sounds like you’re just not prepared to be netted, which is on you. There are many ways to survive the fall, and once your on the ground, you’re just doing what you signed up for - wpvping. No one said it would be fair.


It’s not fine as it is. This post isn’t about if you can survive the fall to your death. This post is about severe range/line of site/notification/combat lock issues with the item as it currently stands.

  • The range is fine, you can fly above.
  • The line of sight is fine, it works when you hide behind objects.
  • If you’re not targeting anything you auto target the person trying to net you, giving you enough time to react and get ready with a glider.
  • Combat lock issues exist in game, which are a problem. Unless you can prove it’s tied to the net-o-matic, it’s not relevant to this topic.

It just needs to be fixed to work on druids properly.


I don’t agree, as do others. Where did you find your “most” data? Or did you get tilted after getting netted, and made assumptions?

Use the saddle chute and gliders. You’ll be out of combat before you hit the ground.

Yes, it does. Not sure what to say other than this.

No, the range is fine. Are you playing with sound on? Are you using tin cans for audio? It has a very unique sound that makes it very obvious someone is casting it on you.

If you’re playing in Warmode, and don’t use saddlechute and have gliders, that’s 100% a player failure. You know you can leap before you hit the ground, right?

Couple of tips for you:

#1: equip a saddle chute
#2: carry gliders
#3: Carry invis pots. If the zerg is chasing you, pop one on the way down,
#4: Turn sound on, especially if you are in a CTA zone with lots of opposite faction
#5: When you hear the net being cast, fly away from the caster on the horizontal axis. The long cast time makes getting out of range super easy, as long as you aren’t flying straight up. My only exception for flying up is my monk, because I can Zen Flight and mount up while I LoL at the disappointed zerg waiting below me.

And lastly…but most importantly (so read carefully)…

Turn Warmode Off.


Good list by Nomak.

Also, it’s kinda cheap, but if you really want to have an escape and you anticipate net-o-matic then queue for a skirm and a bg (as alliance) and if you’re lucky you might get a queue pop.

You could also have friends/guildies throw you a summon as a very last resort. All of these are of course providing you don’t get taken by surprise.

The only change it needs is to knock druids out of travel form. Even while on the ground


It’s working as intended.


It should be instant cast and it should death grip you to me.

P.s. nerf dh :yum:


i vote stationary guns like this in towns. On the rooftops like in lord of the rings to defend against dragons. Give lowbies a purpose to MANN THE GUNS when 120s attack. (may or may not also need stairs to get to the roof…)

every town cept darkshire.

related to the topic the gun should have unlimited range.

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I love the netomatic. As others have said, glider and invis pot ftw.