[Nervous Energy] [A] [US-Heartseeker] 9/9 AQ40 | LFM DPS & Healers

About Us

We are an extremely experienced group of players that have returned for classic. Most guild members have played since vanilla and through every expansion since, with a large percentage of members having fully completed all vanilla content, including Naxxramas.

Raid Information

We run two raid teams.

Schedule & Loot System:

Raid 1: Tue/Wed/Thu 8p-11p ST - Loot Council
Raid 2: Sun/Mon 8p-11p ST - Loot Council


9/9 AQ40
8/8 BWL
10/10 MC

Current Needs:

[Fury Warrior]
[H Priest]

[H Paladin]


We encourage any exceptional player to apply, regardless of need.

Extra ZG/Ony/MC are ran weekly.
Loot Council is based on many factors including attendance, performance, effort, current gear, and previous loot.
Logs: classic warcraftlogs com/guild/us/heartseeker/nervous%20energy


You will be expected to be on time and prepared for all raids. This includes the utilization of consumables, world buffs, and having appropriate raid knowledge. We have an abundance of resources available to help you succeed. We take raid time seriously and hold every member of the raid group to a high standard. All raid environments are competitive and will push you to perform your absolute best. This ensures that each raider’s time, gold, and effort is respected.

For more info, add me to discord: Cham#1337 or visit our server at discord gg/2REkF7h to apply!

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lfm skilled dps!

I have a geared fury war and holy pally but hard on time.

Can I join and jump into the PUGS each week or fillin towards the end of raid nights if anyone has to bounce early?

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Add/msg me on disc - Cham#1337