Nerfed AV most likely means nerfed dungeons

I’m fine with 1.12 everything. It would be a massive job starting with 1.12 base and then customizing all facets to the game with different versions. People would lose their minds on both sides of the fence for each decision.

This isnt Burger King, you cant “Have it your way”.


They said at blizzcon that they were using the 1.12 data and had no real interest in changing it

The sky is falling, I have umbrellas for sale!

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I don’t think people could deal with 2-3 hour long scholo/strath runs with lots of wipes these days. As much as I’d like that, it’s not realistic.

Something in between would be nice though. But, 1.12 was not an authentic Vanilla experience. Neither was 1.1, as much as I liked it.

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Only blue said

“For many parts of the game like this, we’re picking an original WoW patch that gives us the most clarity for WoW: Classic”

So, they are in fact picking which patch makes the most sense for many features, not just using 1.12 everything. The man said it himself.

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And two days ago they said this. They picked 1.12 for AV, but that doesn’t mean that goes for every feature.


I’m still in shock that Blizzard is releasing Classic. The 6 content stages in my opinion showed they are taking serious steps to get Classic right even when it costs them more to do so. I loved AV back in 2005 but now I’m glad to hear I won’t have to fish in it for days just to have it finish :smiley:

Which falls right in line with they dont want to mess with the 1.12 data.
No surpise they stated their intentions and are going through with it so far

I would be more surprised if they deviated from 1.12

But that’s the way it was…what’s not realistic is thinking you can put out a game and say you want people to experience Classic how it was and then turn around and give them an experience that was just a small sliver of the REAL experience…

Using 1.12 AV is just stupid and wrong…same with not having scholo and Strat as 10 mans. If people want a quick av and a quick dungeon run they can go play retail.

The whole point of this project is to have the BEST representation of what Classic was, using everything 1.12 is NOT the BEST representation of Classic, its the easiest for them to do I’m sure but I don’t care about the work that its going to take, I care about the finished product.

We’re just trading in those scholo /strat runs for more BRD failures you know, one way or another dungeon crawlers are going to pay the toll,

I am quite sure that everything will be 1.12., just that the entrance to certain dungeons or zones will be blocked. Thos who stepped into MC with 1.12. or did AV will know what a big difference it makes.

Maybe the Blizz guys can´t get the old database going, maybe their team is just very small and they have no time to code it or they simply put, don´t want the authentic wow. Whatever it is, 1.12. it will be with all the negatives like xrealm and co.

I am honestly just waiting for the announcement of a xrealm dungeon Queue, we have the tavern guys already for server only queues, what stops them from enabling it crossrealm, after all sharding is there too.

In my opinion, Blizzard is missing a once in a lifetime chance here. They could have veterans play their old game and new folks their current. Giving the new folks a second game, might keep them subbed, but the old guys will most likely leave.

Nerfed dungeons at the start of classic would destroy the difficulty curve. We should seek clarification on this. (especially the later nerfs on mob respawn timers. I remember when a late wipe meant game over. That’s how it should be initially)

The Classic community is weird and unpredictable.

Any announcement is met with shrieks of #nochanges. When it’s shown that 1.12 was obviously part of Vanilla they then say it’s “not authentic”. If there is a proposed change to any earlier patch all we hear is “Frankenpatch!”. And all of these responses are covered with plenty of REEEEEEE…

It’s like trying to herd cats. If all the cats were also on fire and throwing hand grenades everywhere.


It’s quite obvious really. Few people care about getting the authentic (or as close to) Vanilla as possible.

They only say “authentic” when it suits their narrative.

Nobody wants a compromise because then no one will get what they want.

I believe what people want is the gameplay experience of playing through vanilla WoW, and of course everyone’s experience differed.

I hated early AV. Some people hated having to wait for Dire Maul water. Some people hated not having a PvP system right off the bat.

At the end of the day we all want to recreate our experiences; we want to “go home.”

Different memories of differing experiences will result in different priorities. Combine that with what is pragmatically possible for the developer team, and you’ve got a recipe for forum drama.

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Well said.

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AV 1.12 is not a nerf lol. It’s a balancing and making this BG actually playable. If you want to waste 48H, go outdoor PvP. BGs are for rep grind and gear, not to be stuck for 48h

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I’m happy with 1.12, that’s all I expected. Had blizzard launched new vanilla only servers with TBC it would have been 1.12. This idea of rereleasing vanilla as it was in 2004 is silly.

Didn’t he slip and say 5 man UBRS or something.

The two UBRS’s were 15 and 10 man iirc.

There was even a video back in the day that got rather famous of some geared-to-the-hilt folks 3 manning up to Beast.