Nerf to xp 110-120?


Currently leveling another DH. WM on, ten lands xp pot, taste of victory, and the 5% gem. Handing in quests and my bar is barely even moving???


I thought leveling in BfA was simple and fast. MoP’s final mile was painstaking… this, not so much.

(Bojanglz) #3

I finished level my dark iron dwarf a few weeks ago and it was extremely fast from 110-120. I probably hit 120 doing only a little over half the quests from the 3 zones plus some of the war campaign stuff.

(Kozzae) #4

I would have to ask what quests you are working on. At 110 a Legion quest will be cut by a good amount, but a BFA quest should get full experience amounts.

I think it’s like 80 to 90% less experience once you hit the cap for the expansion zone you are questing in.

(Lunkel) #5

I’ve been leveling alts in island expeditions and just did one after reading this. There was no difference in exp gain. Not sure what you are experiencing.

(Siégfriéd) #6

It takes a weekend of some quests and islands to level…so yeah its not long at all. Whatever you think, you won’t turn in quests and be 50% filled…

(Kwashiorkor) #7

Honestly the worst stretch is still 60-80. Everything else is not so tedious.

(Mysterypants) #8

I usually have my alts get 2 bars of rested then level them, which would give me 2-4 levels if I play my cards right. Then switch to another alt with rested

(Fookí) #9

i think what’s going on is you don’t notice the actual time leveling your first few toons because of the “new feel” experience- new areas, story lines, quest chains, etc. once you start doing more repetitive quests and such, it does seem to drag on and “take longer to level up”. having 7 max level toons and a lot more 110+, i feel the same way.

(Tarc) #10

The XP needed for 60-80 was slashed months ago. I think you can handle that, chief.

(Kwashiorkor) #11

Note I used “still” as in, even after the change it’s the least enjoyable stretch, by far, dear.

(Tarc) #12

It’s practically a level per half-dozen quests, esp with Warmode and a potion.

There’s only so much coddling they can do for ya.

(Binkyboy) #13

I just finished leveling a Demon Hunter to 120. It was 17 hours played from 98-120. It is not too long.

(Pandocomando) #14

The biggest difference from Legion is that the warfront assaults are not comparable to the Legion assaults which used to give a full level. That said, the leveling is still pretty quick as others have said!

Good luck and happy leveling!