Nerf spirit bomb in ashran

So for those of you who dont know a kyrian dh can use spirit bomb to literally stand in the middle of all 35 people trem and the glads and just casually face tank all of it comfortably even if it really is no meme “clever use of game mechanics” it should be nerfed effective immediately


have we seen one actually kill the boss tho?

In one of my Ashrans the vengeance dh sprinted for volrath and ended up tanking him, the entire horde team and all the guards in their base for a solid 20 minutes without ever having them proc Last Resort or dipping below 50% hp. If the Horde didnt have 6 healers keeping Volrath up he definitely would have died.

Yeah it’s just to much

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DH and DK can solo Volrath, but it’s highly unlikely. In my experience, it only takes a lower geared healer to beat the tank’s DPS on Volrath himself.

Just happened again can you fix it already so these trashy dh’s can stop thinking their good


This sounds hilarious. I must witness this. Maybe I’ll get lucky this weekend.

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Anyway, just kill them.

Nice advice every time the whole team has been on them glads and trem included and they just dont die it doesnt happen

Yeah I know, I was just goofing around. Seriously though, it’s impossible to balance around epics.

LOL the salt from these tears is glorious

This is why necrotic strike needs to make a come back. I recently started playing my dk alt again and I do miss the days when you could stack necrotic for more than they had max hps and watch healers frantically spam heals and get nothing out of it lol.

But yea, I’m general I just think there needs to be things that hard counter healing. Players gotta die

VDH has some pretty hard counters:

  • Sin and punishment
  • Unstable affliction silence

Neither of them has DR, and even with a 20% DR trinket, unstable affliction is still >3s. If you have enough people (or gladiators), eventually the DH will run out of cooldowns. If you combine unstable affliction with some other silences and stuns, it’s GG.

The entire survivability of this VDH build is magic, and soul cleave only absorbs 2 souls at the time. If you really want to try hard, also use solar beam in combination with a big slow or binding shot so they can’t absorb fragments while moving.

General tip: stay at range if possible to avoid immolation aura tier set from giving free souls. The more targets in melee, the stronger the VDH will be.

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