Nerf Mistweavers

Not queuing on my heals until these abominations get nerfed. More damage than any other healer while also doing more healing than any other healer with better mana than any other healer. Around the 1k to 2k range is my turf and Mistweavers dominate way too much in this range. 55 second CD cocoon also needs to go. Should be 2 minutes or remove the PvP talent completely.

Finally, why do Mistweavers have better hots than resto Druids with better dispel protection. Resto druid I’m spamming regrowth with full hots and struggling meanwhile on mistweaver it’s just ReM and EM and someone is topped


Bumpity bump bump

uh you ok?

Fistweaving isn’t overpowered. It is just way too niche. It works extremely well with certain partners and not at all with others. This makes for some very frustrating shuffle lobbies for specs that don’t vibe well with it because you’re super gimped on matches where you have to play with it, and then sometimes it is also super strong into you on the other side of the lobby. Every spec has preferred comps/lobbies/partners but fistweaver just has a much wider spectrum than every other healer.

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Complaining about mistweavers while posting on a mistweaver…

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Going for 2 hr long queues?
No healers should be fun, make the role miserable on every spec!


I play every healer but yea mistweaver is annoying

If a mistweaver has the PvP talent Dome of Mist, then purging Enveloping Mist just turns it into an absorb. It’s better than the purge protection from Lifebloom, which is just a joke



Right. Resto Druids need better dispel protection

You can change talents in the solo shuffle usually so you can just switch to caster then to fistweaver each time.

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I think you use different gear if you’re intending to play FW vs regular MW. A lot of people don’t have both sets of gear and/or just don’t swap.

Hell yeah brother Monks are ridiculous.

rdruid is getting some pretty juicy dispel protection next patch

To take that purge protection we have to give up insanely good honor talents. Lifebloom has baseline purge protection. It SHOULD be better if we’re taking an honor talent for it. That’s a choice between 45 seconds off cocoon, port working while stunned, disarm, silence immune, and revival being 1.5 min cd with aoe CoS. Have to give up one of those for the sake of that purge protection.

It takes eating an honor talent and a class talent that reduces cocoon’s absorb effectiveness by 40% (more because you don’t get the stacking buff talent when taking that) to be able to get it down to 55 seconds, doesn’t always work because of a bug in the game that sometimes just ignores absorbs, and can’t even be casted while stunned like pain supp (which gets 2 charges).

Also puts you in a riskier situation than any other healer while doing damage, since you’re in the center of the group. Too inconsistent / risky for my liking tbh.

People can quite literally purge and interrupt the ability that lets us actually cast that stuff without hard casting.

If you think the class is so strong, play your mistweaver then. It’s a great way to learn what other classes can do to counter you when you’re playing it first hand.

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Thank goodness

haste mw isn’t bad at all, i’m very slowly working on a mastery set

To be fair, bringing an over performing healer more inline with the others would likely mean more healers would queue, not less.

People stop queueing when overtuned specs are out there, as we’ve just seen with Ret paladin.


Not queuing until we see mistweaver nerfs. Short cocoon needs to go, fistweaving should cost more mana and their damage needs gutted. Wouldn’t mind if they got a healing buff to compensate for the damage nerf similar to disc

Fistweaving when countered properly, will do the least amount of healing and dmg of any healer in the game. The reality is, the brackets are dominated by melee dps that refuse to not 1v1 me.