Nerf assassination mage tower or i quit

mythics and raids are boring now. the mage tower was a good substitute but at 120 pulls and only getting the assassination rogue challenge to 62%. im kinda burnt out of the game entirely. nerf the hell out of it or im done.

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Is it just for the armor? If so then do the outlaw one. 100 times easier.

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idk how to play outlaw lol

I spent a few minutes looking at the easy mode guide for Outlaw on IV and completed the challenge in about 15 attempts. Highly recommend it over the sin or sub challenges.


the aspect of you quitting because you’re clearly not good enough to complete a CHALLENGE that thousands of others have done.

Why should anyone care?


ive completed the marks hunter and disc priest challenge… the assassination one is just stupid hard.

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The outlaw one allows you to use the falcasor omlet which breaks the game honestly with its uptime. 100% would recommend looking up how to complete it if you are struggling with the others. The sub one is also easier than sin imo as well.

Is there something wrong with the tuning on sin? I remember doing it when it was current content while severely undergeared (I was about ~870 when it was designed for like 890-900 ilvl). I had also heard it was one of the easier ones

it was the easiest during legion. The stat squish plus shadowlands tuning made it not so faceroll anymore

Just wait for DF and maybe it will be easier… I suspect the MT in general will be easier for some and harder for others with all the incoming changes. Maybe your class gets lucky.

If your best is 62% then it’s an execution issue. What are you dying to? It’s one of the harder ones but it’s very much doable. If you can tell us what you’re struggling with we can give you tips.

What gear are you using? Have you gotten any legion trinkets, TBC gear etc. to help boost your stats a bit? Are you doing consumables prior to each pull?

quit then, its not that bad

around 28% when runeseer bubbles and jarl enrages does he cast that one shot ability or should i just finish jarl off? i got it to 24%

Bye! :joy: /10char


Yep I did sub challenge all week and almost completed it. Outlaw was much easier in comparison