<Nerds Night In> Heroic/Mythic prog Dazar'alor

(Myis) #1

< Nerds Night In > is looking for more warm bodies heading into Dazar’alor. We’re a relatively new guild of friends dipping our toes into more serious raid content for BFA.

We’re 8/8 Heroic Uldir and 2/8 Mythic. We’ll be starting normal Dazar’alor day 1 and will be heading into and progressing Heroic ASAP. We’re solid on tanks but are open to any roles. We currently just need more players to fill out the roster.

Relaxed guild atmosphere with rowdy, knowledgeable, and skilled players.

Heroic will be guaranteed content, with plans for much further Mythic progression this raid tier.

Whisper Baiden, Myis, Polyphiia, Vixual, or Kronchy in game if you’re interested.


We’ve got free milk and cookies.

(Làz) #3

There are no cookies, this is a lie.

(Vitogobleone) #4

What is your schedule? I have a few dps specs and am shopping around for alliance on ED.