Nelf genocide get over it


Comparing Undercity to Teldrassil is comparing apples to oranges. Undercity was a calculated move undertaken after the entire civilian populace was evacuated. The Teldrassil attempt at evacuation was reactionary and even the quest text made it obvious that it was utterly futile, since you could only rescue ~50-70 out of 982 Darnassus citizens (which doesn’t even touch on the population who lived outside the city).

I think on my best run of that quest I saved around 90 citizens, which is still a little under 10%. The quest is intended to be a horrible failure for the player and drives home the gravity of what is occurring, which is far, far different from Sylvanas issuing evacuation orders and then salting the earth behind her in a “if I can’t have it, no one can” manner.

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Oh, I know. Its just the closest thing to note.


LOL sure… :sweat_smile:

No it will never happen as long as the devs are all “For the Horde”. Tyrande atm portrayed with proper characterization in the narrative wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

No the people benefiting from it just don’t want it to change. Everyone knows it, heck Blizz doesn’t even deny it. People only argue against it because they don’t want the status quo shaken up.

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Actually it is, my highest character is an Alliance 403 Worgen who I use for raiding. My second highest is a Blood Elf paladin at 375 that I brute forced geared to get Zandalari.

Is that why the Horde is so divisive and on the brink of losing currently in the story?

Well, tbf…so is the Alliance in general. Alliance could straight up win right now after the vicotry at Dazar’alor, but you know Anduin morals.

Aka writers bailing out the Horde because they would straight up be destroyed if the Alliance pressed the advantage.

Idk why. The status quo currently is garbage. Both stories are complete garbage. Alliance could straight up end the war (but do not because then the expacs basically over) and the Horde is literally eating itself.

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Come off it. There’s no reason at all to lie about faction.

So what you want from the alliance, is for them to forsake any sense of humanity, civility, or justice, and just tit for tat annihilate an entire horde area.

Fair, but by what means? Her army is crippled despite her being a Night Warrior? No? Or is Night Warrior Tyrande capable of seiging a capital all on her own?

Like the entire last expansion wasn’t completely headed by alliance characters, right? Such a bias.

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Yea, I’d secretly lie about my faction on a level 12 Pandaren because I want to sound right on a forum. Duh /s

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Nice sidestep to the statement but since you mentioned you main Alliance you never have won any territory, in fact your leadership is so dumb even when they could clawback every scrap of territory ever lost they didn’t do anything…remember the end of SoO, yea that gem of dev. writing.

LOL, they wouldn’t even be big enough to fit in a corner of Theramore, nvm the rest.

Again, completely goes to my point.

Again sidestepping the statement, cute but the analogy was fine whether it was a “capital” or not, lol.

THIS should not EVER be a thing. THAT IS THE WHOLE PROBLEM.

Absolutely true.

You answered your own question. So From your post we are largely agreeing with how they tell the story in the game. The Alliance are the good guys, so the Horde…will lose almost always, but how that is reflected in the game is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. Especially with phasing being a thing.

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I’ll get over it as soon as all the Sylvanas fanbois get off suicide watch.

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Its why I said “the only things” because the Alliance really hasnt…utterly destroyed town/cities. Those are really the only two major cases and even, they arent that huge of cities.

Dont go LOL, Alliance arent the faction to bulldoze or raze towns.

But you could also use this point to talk about Silvermoon, and I’d give the same answer.

No it does matter. Theramore isnt as important of a city as Thunder Bluff because TB is a racial capital.

Im not sidestepping a comment if Im telling you the truth. Sure Theramore is a major city…it aint that major for TB.

Everything else is just agreeing.

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What Genocide? The Night Elves will respawn like the Dothraki and Unsullied after the battle of Winterfell.

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And yet, if you intend to commit robbery, and a person is killed during the commission of that crime, it’s still going to get you a first degree murder charge, because the death was the outcome of an intentional act.


I’ve seen literally no reduction in the number of Night Elves in the game. You’d think the Kaldorei would be proud of how few of them actually died, but instead all they do is wallow in their pretend genocidal misery.

They always were the least of all elves, but it’s sad to see the depths they’ll go to play the victim card. Shameful, really. No wonder Anduin has largely swept them under the rug. You know you’ve gone too far playing the victim card when even the angel boy king can’t find the time to sympathise with you.

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…keep Tyrande front and center in the story until Sylvanas is dealt with? Don’t write her out because “we don’t want to give too much focus to Tyrande” when they clearly have zero issue giving plenty of focus to Saurfang, Sylvanas, Nathanos, Jaina, etc.

Why is too much focus on Tyrande a bad thing, when they literally just killed off the vast majority of the Night off population?

Instead, they’re constantly giving us Shandris, who has been MIA for most of WoW. They’re overusing Shandris when it should be Tyrande.

Giving focus to Tyrande is not a bad thing, like they seem to think it is. This is the issue we have. There is a reason she should have focus. She SHOULD have focus. Period. She should be involved in EVERY major Alliance battle until BFA is over and she actually gets vengeance against Sylvanas.

If this entire thing is because they don’t intend for Sylvanas to die, be arrested, or anything and BFA to end with the Alliance forgiving Sylvanas, there WILL be unhappy responses on the forums and most likely mass unsubscribing from Alliance players.

There’s only so far you can push the Alliance before we’ll break, and if they let Sylvanas get away with everything and then end BFA and tell us we have to forgive her for ANY reason, people will quit the game, I GUARANTEE it.

No, killing ONE of her Val’kyr is not revenge.

If Tyrande had killed ALL of her Val’kyr AND Nathanos, it would have been revenge, because then Tyrande would have stripped her of her most faithful servant and the ability to resurrect new forsaken, and thus it would have been an equal loss.

How? Sylvanas would have lost the Forsaken. She would have no way to create new Forsaken - she would have lost her people. The future. She would have lost the one person who followed her without question.

But instead Blizzard took the cheap way out and expected Alliance to be okay with it.


That is not necessarily the case, but I get what you are trying to say. Unfortunately going down that rabbit hole is akin to a free fall. My point was more to highlight intent.

The definition of Genocide hinges on explicit intent to eradicate a peoples group. No one has accidentally committed genocide. It has never been an unintended or peripheral consequence.

Meaning, nowhere has Sylvannus ever stated that she wishes to drive Night Elves to extinction. You could make the case for all of life, or maybe even Stormwind, but not of the Night Elves.

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My race got genocided many times.


Just join the Horde already lol. It’s what the devs want.


There was no nelf genocide. The forums are still filthy with them.


Horde bias
Horde bias
Horde bias
Horde bias

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Fear not, with the return of Green Jesus, all of your hate and fear will fall away, the memory of Teldrassil will be nothing but a faint fading echo. Soon Horde and Alliance will hold hands and dance with moonbeams into the wee hours of the morning.


If you sincerely believe that Blizzard is communicating that people should “just get over genocide” there’s something deeply wrong with you.

This is a fantasy world, guys. Don’t get it confused with reality.