[Nefarious] [A]

Nefarious is a new guild looking to do it all in and before Dragonflight, we are looking for anyone who is willing to put an effort into the game and progress with us through raids M+ and pvp. We are currently looking for a pvp lead. and many members.

Recruitment: Dps (at this time all dps)
Healers holy Priest, Druid, will take other healers also.
Tank Filled (mythic + tanks still open)

Raid days: Friday / Saturday (Nights)

Raid times: TBA into or shortly before DragonFlight!

Mythic + days: no set day at this time. but encourage everyone to do these together as a guild. contests and other events may happen.

Interested? contact us!

Recruitment: MonkeyBrows#1369

GM: Zephos#7720
Recruitment: Warren#9513

Still looking for more members for future raiding and current Mythic +. all casuals welcome also!