Needs tip for PVP Resto Shaman


I just started focusing on resto shaman for pvp and I really enjoy it, I’m quite decent at it too and I’d like to make sure I’m building the right way.

I followed the conduit guide from Icy Veins, but I was wondering which legendaries I should be using?

Currently I have ilvl 265 Unity belt (RIP I don’t have the rep with Enlightened to buy the memory) and ilvl 291 Primal Tide Gloves.

It says online the best PvP memory would be Earthen Harmony (Earth Shield), is that correct? I barely ever use Healing Wave (only have casting my Riptides and Primordial Waves for that passive) usually I’m using Healing Surge and Chain Heal much more for burst or AoE. I usually end up top healer for my faction in rated BG if not, top-2, playing that way.

Can someone help? I thought that maybe Deeptremor Stone would have been better for pvp, but it doesn’t seem like it is.

Am I playing wrong? Need tips.

Thanks !

Bump, need some help from a pro

(Murlok dot io) will show you the builds all the top Rshams in 2v2, 3v3, RBGs, and M+ are currently using.

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If you want to pump damage then go deeptremor. In team fights it pads tons of damage and the knockdowns are nice.

If you don’t care about damage and want to just pump heals then earthen for fc maps where you’re baby sitting the fc, primal tide for epics or big team fight maps if necro. The amount of haste you can get with the extra riptides + primordial is huge.

Honorable mentions to jonat’s and chains of devastation. Jonat’s can be strong in team fights with your tier set if you can get some lucky healing rain placements where enough people stand in it and stack quick charges of your tier set so you can throw down totems for the insta chain heal and your spamming surges out. The double dip in beefing up your chain heal is noticeable. I didn’t get to play around as much as I wanted to with this on my rsham before quitting last season.

Chains of dev is just meme fun to play around with.

Rsham legos aren’t that good. They’re all kinda playstyle dependent so find the one that compliments what you enjoy doing on rsham.

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Disclaimer, not a pro… But I’ve asked the same question before and gotten some answers. Plus my own play time I’ll share what I found.

Feels kinda lack lustre but it does have potential for some giant aoe heals and subsequent haste bonuses. Hard casting healing wave does kinda suck though.

For arenas it feels pretty good depending on the comp your playing. Less so for the damage that didn’t scale well and more so for the micro stuns that can 100% win you games. Also gets taunted off targets all the time though so the AI feels real bad. Also real long cd feels bad.

Feels the best to me for keeping yourself alive when a rogue is trying to solo you in the back. In arenas a bit less good as so many teams have purge that it feels kinda useless.

Lastly I’ve seen pros use sephuz a lot. I’ve not tried it but all our other leggo options are kinda meh.

So for my final ratings.

Eshield>tide>sephuz>tremor. (Sephuz could be higher.

Tremor>eshield>sephuz>tide (sephuz could be higher).

Just some average Joe’s opinion.

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@jedao @hairygaryqt
what frequency should I be using Healing Wave? As I mentioned earlier, I’m literally only ever casting Chain Heal and Healing Surge because Healing Wave is slow and doesnt heal for as much (unless Riptides and Primo Wave have been cast around).
You guys use it alot? More than Surge?

Healing wave while on bars is really not that good outside of a modifier buffer with your other spells where you know your person will not die in the long cast. Healing surge damage hex shear purge are generally better global usage in pvp.

Shaman is a clsss that just has to press major defensives and continue spamming the above spells major defenses include link ascendence tide and hst.

Of course only surging with modifiers from riptide.

Edit: it’s 5,000 times more important to have dispell keybinds for all teammates on easy access as fast dispels will net huge cr gains as your team will have more gcds to win.

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just use wave when its safe to. if you spam surge and go drink while you learn the situations better then that’ll work too. Kinda what bomber is saying, rsham utility is awesome so you’re better off quick topping someone and getting flame shocks/lava bursts/purges/kicks/earth bind totems/ etc. out to keep your team offensive.

Pretty much what bomb said… Only use healing wave with prime wave to get buff. Even then you want to make sure you’re not gonna get spell locked.

Even surge can be kinda sketch. 4 set with totems and purge feels better to press most of the time. Surge over wave though for sure.

Resto isn’t fun in pvp right now. S1 was great! S2 meh…s3 crap…s4 to much time
Juking and being globalled. Instant cast classes are way more fun and I die way less as disc priest. Sham Lego’s are crappy as well. Which is why I freaking hate borrowed power systems. I like shaman healing. But I love disc priest. I rarely get gloabaled and even if I do get holy locked I can still cast a ton of other spells like penance and shield

Most of these guides are Arena focused and never BG/RBG focused.

My unpopular pick for Legendary in BGs / RBGs is Jonats. I also use Natures Reach Conduit in lieu of the earth sheild one. This is for BG / RBGs only. As Rsham you’ll do a lot of offensive heals using chain heal. Jonats empowers that. I like to toss a surge or two out there, and if I dont have time for a heal throw a totem that throws out a chain heal. I know the tier 4 reduces to 70% power chain heals for totem heal but Its been very effective for me overall. Surge here and there cast chain or throw totem and then purge / dispell a bit maybe a hex and do it all over again. Jonats is a solid choice with the tier 4 set.

Unpopular, but with Natures Reach and Jonats your chain heals do considerably more. Be sure to change your stuff out for Arena though!