Needs hotfix: Quest pets that are hostile to the opposite faction & classified as civilians


The word got out today about ways to intentionally grief enemy players’ rank with quest items that spawn lvl 1 civilians that die to a single hit, aoe, retaliation dmg, etc…

This is a gamebreaking issue for the entire honor system if exploiting these items becomes widespread. Please fix it before the problem gets out of hand.


Ohh thanks. Im definitelty gonna be doing this to every horde I can find.


Sounds like someone is mad that his camping got ruined. :^)


what quests do this? asking for a friend :^)


I still have zero DHKs, thankfully, but nice try.

And these things go beyond camping. One of them is reportedly even usable in BGs. If you cant see how that would be gamebreaking then you’re just being intentionally obtuse.


I’ll give you the BG one, but you really can’t be surprised when the faction that can barely play the game on some servers will go out of their way to mess with the dominate one.

o and #nochanges


#no changes… pvp happened on a pvp server… just log into an alt… reroll on a pve server…

Maybe you should leave lowbies alone while they are trying to complete their quest in a town.

Also you just made the problem worst lol


Agreed, if you are brave enough to attack players in the safety of the town. You deserve to be de-ranked. Their is no honor in ganking lowbies or pvping in town manipulating the guards. If you get dishonor from a players pet that can only be summoned in town you deserve it man. Go pvp how pvp is suppose to be done and don’t worry about it


U can always, uhm, not kill the npc?

PS: yeah now everyone knows about this


Are we there Yeti?

And there is a drop from UD strat Nerub. Have fun!


The quest is called something like are we yeti … you need to aproach goblins in unguro town gadgetzan everlook and summon the pet. Its a level 1 civilian that can be targeted by enemy faction.

People ganking in those towns have been getting dhk trying to ruin a lowbies quest progression. Serves them right if you ask me


Remember that as soon as the horde is at a disadvantage they will rage.

Can’t wait for those BG queues :^)


Nothing about this has anything to do with faction, no matter how badly you want to make it about faction.


Alright bub, I believe that.


Maybe just don’t farm people in the neutral towns this can happen in because you now know you can be counter-griefed?





Thats great to know, ty for informing us!


The quest item has ten charges, and you can abandon quest to get infinite more of them. I wholeheartedly support this, as getting a DHK for something like this is exactly how it should be. If people are questing in town and you’re bothering them you deserve it. It’s not “honorable”.


This isn’t just about the yeti, there are items that can be used anywhere, not just towns.

Funny how this forum will whine about exploiters that grief them, but as soon as there’s news of an exploit that griefs in a different way everyone becomes a huge hypocrite.


#nochanges maybe you should read your target and see of its a civilian.