Needing help with Baa'l

Hi there. I did the pebble line for Baa’l already and I just need someone to possibly help me weaken him with Uuna? I have Uuna but my questline for her bugged out and would really love if someone on Baa’l’s line and with an upgraded Uuna to maybe weaken her so I can finally get him? Been wanting him so long. T>T

If no one on the forums can help, your next best bet is the Secret Finder’s Discord:

I can’t guarantee that someone there can help you, but I know for the last few days–because of the Uuna bug–people have been offering to help. So it might be good just to keep an eye on the #battlepets channel they have there.

Best of luck!

(Uuna bug, for those wondering: )

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I have an upgraded Uuna but i’m on a different server than you, so not sure if i can help?

You might have to put in a ticket to get the quest line reset.

Blizzard has already said they’re tracking the issue, and people will just have to wait if they can’t get it to randomly happen.

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Yeah I have put in a ticket about it. Thats pretty much all I can do at this point. I figured I would try asking around here though aswell. But thank you for the replies. <3 And I dont know if you can do it from another server? Never actually tried.

If you want to transfer to my server Ravenholdt, i can meet you near Baa’l at a certain day/time and weaken him with Uuna for you. Then you can transfer back, or stay on Ravenholdt.

If you join group with him won’t he be transported to your realm?


I’m not sure, maybe that will work. OP if you create a group then i will try to join, just let me know what day/time.

I thought you couldn’t weaken Baa’l anymore if you had completed the chain and won the pet? I tried to help a friend who was having trouble - we are same server, same guild even, but when I got there I could see him and his Uuna but could not see Baa’l at all and my Uuna didn’t do anything.

When i upgraded my Uuna…i went back to Baa’l and some guy was sitting waiting there. He said do you have Uuna? I said yes and after I weakened Baa’l we both started to fight him and we both won him as a pet.

Umm ya I’m on zul’jin I have an upgraded uuna I can help if needed

Hypothesis: A player with an upgraded Uuna that has not acquired Baal can help another player acquire him by weakening him, whereas a player who has an upgraded Uuna and has already collected Baal can no longer help.

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I just went to the spot where Baa’l spawns in Draenor and i cannot see him anymore. So yes it looks like once you defeat him, you can never see him anymore at the spawn point. This will be difficult if you’re trying to help someone else weaken him lol.

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You both have to be on the same step (catching Baa’l) for Uuna to work.

Someone has said they did party sync with their friend and it worked, but there’s been no confirmation beyond that one person that party sync will work.


Yes, if you have already gone through all of the steps and acquired Baa’l on a character, you will not be able to see Baa’l anymore to help others. You will have to go through the process up to the Baa’l part on another character in order to help others.

If you are horde, I have a character sitting at the part to acquire Baa’l if you need someone with a upgraded Uuna to weaken him.

Baa’l really shines when fighting a single boss pet with > 2,000 health. His Murder the Innocent spell hits for 30% of the targets total health with a 3 round cool down. Not remaining health, but total maximum health.

Say for example a pet boss has 3000 health… 30% of 3000 = 900 damage. Then swap another pet in, and 3 rounds later swap Baa’l back in for another 900 damage.

Wow. That… kindof sucks. I would think you should be able to go back there and battle him just for fun if you were passing through… can’t even see him now? I’m glad I got screenshots when I did it the first time.

Just to clarify you can make you a party finder with a leader who has a completed uuna and b’aal and use the party sync option. It will allow the leader to see b’aal and their unna can debuff it, even if they already have their b’aal pet.


I’m willing to try this with someone, i have an upgraded Uuna and already have Baa’l.

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