Need some Canadian culture in WoW

Nah more like this one

Bacon with cornmeal basically. Its the ABSOLUTE best bacon to use when making eggs benedict.

I don’t know. I like the other Mountie better. The song is great.

I don’t think i have ever tried eggs benedict but then again i have only been to Canada a handful of times in my life. I will however have to be on the lookout for this next time i go.

Would you guys take Ted Cruz back?

Ok, real talk. Explain to me how Imperial/Standard is easier. I want to see this.


Polar bears and beavers obviously.

Pay no attention to the troll.

Even as an American i recognize we should have gone to the metric system decades ago. Also as an American i know for a FACT we get screwed economically constantly by staying on the standard/imperial system. The general populace however are sheeple who can’t think on their own mostly and listen to their chosen party for their leadership (sadly) and until business class buys the politicians off and tell them to go metric for whatever reason, it won’t happen.


Don’t forget furlongs, and acres, and US gallon vs British gallon and all that other silly stuff we changed from in 1973 (yeah, we dug our heals in but we changed eventually)

Enough sense to get to the moon :full_moon: :us:

Add a barista to new Dalaran

Horton Timothy.


And here we have another troll.


Lol definitely not, just gotta defend our archaic measuring system :laughing:

I feel like Highmountain is a nod to us canadians, more importantly us Western Canadians.

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LOL, and don’t forget the German Fascist (can’t say Naz. for some reason) scientist who got us to that moon, i am sure it took him a bit of math to figure out how to make it work…or does the space program use the metric system?

Oh wait, NASA only moved to the metric system in 1990. I guess some people can point to the rocket scientists using both in some cases, so that is like a partial victory for the standard/imperial system.


Is that you Scott?

What would really be great is if Alberta became the 51st state…just saying. The oil could be properly handled then instead of propping up the nations finances. Just sayin.

It’s me…but i’m not Scott.

Nah, this one:

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I’m trying to make a point, not be a super jerk by totally rubbing it in.