Need opinions- which setup do you like more?

(Aylu) #1

Decided to main my shaman and want to decide on a race based on these two looks…having a super difficult time deciding.

I love both! BAH!


HM Tauren:

Which do you guys like? :slight_smile:

(Rhosaleen) #2

My recommendation for cases like this is flip a coin and see if you feel disappointed in the result :slight_smile:

That said, I personally would go with Peeko.

(Aylu) #3

That is good advice, thank you.

Hopefully it helps haha

(Arlinea) #4

Transmogs aside, I think pandaren have better animations overall than tauren do. But that’s obviously just going to come down to personal preference.

(Beli) #5

I like them both. I’m more inclined to vote tauren just because I think they’re awesome.

Back when I was expecting a child, I read an article that really helped change my perspective on a indecision like this. See, we had three really good, solid names to choose from. How to pick? The article talked about regret in the sense of letting something go. Specifically, say you picked a name and let the other two names go. Your neighbor then brings home a baby, which in turn has the name you let go of. Would you be happy for that neighbor or would you have any regrets about not using that name yourself? That really clarified things for me. There was only one name I felt way about and that’s what we ended up using.

SO. If you picked Pandarian and saw a Tauren shaman running around with the transmog you wanted, how would you feel? Indifferent or longing? Hopefully you’ll get a better idea of what you like more.


Personal Opinion: Can’t stand the Panda race. They look so out of place… like the wrong game. It looks like it came out of a childs coloring book. Definitely the Tauren.