Need more classic servers

None of them are RP.

Even with the new servers incoming, it’s going to be really full.

That’s probably because none of the RP servers are full.

There is only one RP server and it IS full.

Oh yea. We’re definitely screwed.

I’m just saying there are some new servers.

I can’t see them not putting at least 2 more servers on each coast up by 1pm pst.

There are two RP servers, and they’re both “high”.

Unless you’re oceanic. Then there are ZERO servers because nobody cares about the oceanic people. :’(

I just posted and deleted the same thing. He wants a PvE server and there is currently only one RP PvE server.

I bet they have servers ready to be launched, all set with names and everything, if they really need.



Two on each coast:

We’re still screwed, but here’s a glimmer of hope for all of you.

Correct. I am a She :slight_smile: but yes. I want an RP server…NOT a RP-PvP Server. I detest PvP.

Will we even be able to get to server select tonight or will the queue be to get to that point?

Everyone on the internet is a “she” :slight_smile:

I am a cool dwarven bro

Normal server= PvE?

Additionally, at Today 12:00 PM , we will open the following new realms in this region:

Name Type Timezone
Incendius PvP Eastern
Bigglesworth PvP Pacific
Old Blanchy Normal Pacific
Westfall Normal Eastern

CST 12:00

LOL well in this case I assure you an am a real life 41 yr old Female who really really hates PvP.

Back on the 13th, about when it went active, I reserved my characters on Mankrik (normal PvE realm) when it was still listed as Medium Population. Even as an Alliance player, I have regard for Mankrik’s wife so that was a no brainer for me, even though I suspect it will be a Horde heavy realm. PvP was never my favorite thing to do, as I am much more into the lore of the game. Make no mistake though, I will roll a PvP realm sooner or later. A realm you may want to avoid for awhile is Faerlina (PvP), as word has spread that the majority of players there are a bunch of streamers and followers.

I am sure more servers will be added. No need to sweat too much.

I just want to get on and reserve my guild name
R Kelly PvPed On Me

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dont worry about it! they anticipated this and will release servers accordingly :slight_smile: the reason they are making servers so limited is so we can fill them out, so that they (hopefully) have a steady long term player base on those servers in the future c:

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