Need help picking vault reward

Prot Pally here… Unsure which vault reward to pick :frowning:

Decanter of Endless Howling - 239

  • Probably not, crit isn’t stat priority for prot pallies

Airborne Abductor’s Vambraces - 226

  • Nope - currently wearing the 239 version, lol

Cuirass of Lonely Citadel - 226

  • Unsure - Would be 26 ilvl downgrade, but would be my 3rd dom shard, and perhaps even bonus Blood Link effect ?

Axe of the Deadgrove - 252
Anima Field Emitter - 252
Pulsating Stoneheart 252

I think I’m down the latter 3 items. The Axe would be a straight upgrade, no doubt. but the latter 2 trinkets, I’m not so sure. Either would be substantial item level upgrades; I currently have Shield of Annhylde 226 and Reactive Defense Matrix 226, which have absolutely amazing effects