Need Help Deciding

I know people tend to roll their eyes at posts like this, but I seriously need help with my indecisiveness.

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between mage and warlock all expansion, and really want to focus on just one of them, and would like some input on what others think would be the right decision.

Long story short, I love the playstyle of the mage, and would not be having this issue if they weren’t so squishy. I hate not being able to take a hit, and especially not having a reliable self-heal. However, I heavily prefer burst over dots.

With the warlock, I really enjoy the tankyness, but don’t really care for affliction. I can play it, and enjoy it well enough, but as I said I do prefer burst.

In the end, I’m looking for the option that will open up the most doors for me. I would like a character that can be a true main and do well in basically all forms of content.

Please help this poor, indecisive fool. X_x

I struggle with the same thing lol. I like the mobility of the mage more than the warlock. I think it comes down to what type of content you mainly complete. Warlock is much better at solo content due to pet and the healing you described.

Destruction Warlock is basically a mage and is a good blend of both classes. I typically end up on my warlock due to I mainly due solo content. The transmogs are much better in my opinion for warlocks as well.

I am a super casual player though just doing lfg and lfr and rbgs. So in my super casual opinion I choose warlock. :slightly_smiling_face:


I feel like one spec of each is nearly always good in PVE content. Mage is always great in PvP whereas warlock is either OP or less than optimal.

I’d side with lore, looks, and play style as those are mainstays. Warlocks are more tanks in solo content, but I’m told mages are more tanks in instanced content with their immunities and so forth.

Somehow reading my own post (the pros and cons of each) helped me to, hopefully, make a decision.
The only issue with mage is having to be more careful in the open world. My issue with warlock is an entire spec, and the one that is normally most dominant.
Taking that into account, seems the choice should be my mage.

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I concur. Well done working through it.

I would go Warlock, I find the specs and gameplay variance way more fun, mage is kind of dull imo. Plus, you bring gate/stones/summon/battle res and so on!

Can’t go wrong with either in PvE honestly. I think mage has the upper hand in M+ but warlock is still strong in dungeons and is S tier when doing pug raid content with summons. I personally prefer mage as my main and then warlock as my alt.

The mobility from blink is very nice as a quick reactive way to avoid dying and I really like the utility and survivability they have in the rest of their kit, but if you’re familiar with the content warlocks can pull off similar tricks to mages with their gates/circle.

Warlocks win on the transmog side for sure though, they have much better tier sets imo.

Mage is more reliable and consistent, warlocks tend to fluctuate heavily back and forth, with a lot of gimmicks, bugs.

But we look cooler and generally have less boring rotations.

Simply put, it sounds like you want to play Destruction.

Or if you really like Mage or dislike Destroy then invest in the Triune Wars Leggo. This combined with Alter Time, Blink, Iceblock, Conduits(and Cheat Death if your fire), all provide for a very strong caster.

Believe it or not I love playing the aff warlock. Though there are times I feel I’m doing something wrong, since I really don’t rely on Seed of corruption all that much and lately I haven’t had much need for malific rapture either, just put your DoT’s on then stand around till it drops. it feels kinda funky but during that standing around phase I find I’m having to heal my purple blob alot. Especially in Korthia. Not sure what’s hitting it so hard but they must LOOOVE grape jelly!