Need help consolidating keybound abilities

Thinking about Shadowlands and making room for abilities coming back.

If you look at my binds, anything you would suggest I macro into eachother to make it cleaner?

Sad part is with what I have now I don’t have room for arena 123 keybinds for abilities like Mighty Bash or Cyclone.

I suggest you hang out in the Macro Forum just a little. There are a lot of people that share their macro’s that might give you an idea to combine abilities or change keybinds.

This is a good resource to start. Marcos: Condensing Your Physical Keybinds.

Read the beginning post carefully because it refrences an addon “Bindpad” you can however adapt these without the addon. Elvenbane is a wizard with Macro’s and is very helpful. I use a few macro’s from that thread and I have taken a few and used the base to turn it into my own macro. You can adjust modifiers to fit your taste.

One of my favorite ones is the Druid Utility Macro.

/cast [@mouseover,help,dead][help,dead]Rebirth;[spec:4,@mouseover,help,nodead][spec:4,help]Nature’s Cure;[@mouseover,help,nodead]Remove Corruption;[@mouseover,harm,nodead][harm]Soothe;[spec:4,help]Nature’s Cure;Remove Corruption

It puts Rebirth, Nature’s Cure/Remove Corruption and Soothe all in one mouseover keybind.


Holy bajezus, thanks I’ll check that out.

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