Need Community support / outcry to get Blizz attention - Resto druid 4pc t8 bugged

The thread has already been posted in Bug Reports - this thread didn’t need to be created. Since it’s spam, why wouldn’t people spam on it, too?

Agreed, people need to be more original with their nonsense.

They nerfed T1 instead.


So you’re telling me Aggrend plays a ret paladin yet they still don’t want to buff them???
Justice demands retribution!

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Of course they had to IMMEDIATELY hotfix the tier 1, and not even both fixing tier 8. It would be nice if they could at least tell us they are AWARE of the bug or are PLANNING to fix it. Meanwhile we are stuck picking up worthless tier gear and hoping it gets fixed, and literally downgrading our druids healing output.

Can you like actually respond on the content and bring this to attention as this is ridiculous for weeks its been known to be an issue and not even acknowledged.

Please use your platform for positive change and bring this up to the community council forum!

If the countless reports of the set being bugged doesn’t get their attention, a post on the Community Council isn’t gonna get it either.
I’d rather not be spamming the CC forums with bug reports because god knows how many bugs there are on Classic. :pensive:

Just out of curiosity, how strong is that initial heal? I ask because if its significant that could explain an intentional ICD to prevent a spammable zero CD instant heal.
If its not significant then i would agree, its a bug.

Just make one big post with all the bugs.

about 2-3k heal I believe is the number.
In original WotLK there was no ICD as far as I can remember so it should be the same here.

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I’d rephrase that.

meanwhile in blizzHQ

Agreed, no changes and progressive patches are the only way.

yup! agree with you on ret pallies >_>

So what i hear you saying is you think mages need a buff, just checking because thats how Blizzard always interprets these requests



Bumping in the hopes that we get acknowledgement of the concerns players have with this. We’d all love to know either way what the plan is here so that we can plan accordingly gear wise.


Already fixed… Wrath of the Lich King Classic Hotfixes - Updated February 8 - #53 by Sanq-11813

The real reason you bring druids is to brez warriors who can’t see the bad because of death and decay.

Thanks for pointing that out! Appreciate it.

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