Need an animal companion glyph

We need a glyph that changes the appearance of the animal companion to exactly match the appearance of the hunter’s pet (including any glyphs on it).

So annoying farming duplicates pets or having a mismatch pair if you switch pets at some point.


Your right. This really needs to be added.

This will be great

Disagree. It’s already bad enough we can have 200 pets and only ever use 1 or 2 of them.

The animal companion pet should have access to its spell book, so for instance, if you have a water strider as your ‘off-pet’ you have access to the water walking spell. Then you have a reason to mix and match.

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Outside of PvP why would you want the same pet twice?

Either way I disagree. If someone wants to show off 2 Loques it should be after they tame 2 Loques.


Why? For the exact same reason we had the essence swapper in Legion to make Hati look like our active pet. Esthetics. Having a pair looks cool.

This would be a step up since for those that choose to use the glyph since the appearance of the AC would auto change to match your new pet. In the open world and your main is a clefthoof, your AC is the same clefthoof. Want to do pvp and use one of your pvp pets, switch and your pet looks the same.