Necromancy, Time and the System of the Shadowlands

Sure, biologically they aren’t the same but even then she might be a different version of his soul in the same way that AU Draka is to MU Draka. Either way, what do you think will happen to Geyarah’s soul when she dies?

Hard to say for certain, but direct contact with the MU may grant sufficient temporal permanence for things to operate as if they were from the MU, as when they become part of its timeline they’ve “actually happened” starting from that point forward.

So while their past up until the crossing over was an echo of false probability, as far as the true timeline goes the AU Mag’har suddenly existed as parts of itself in the state at which they crossed, when the instant before they hadn’t existed at all.

If that’s the case, then Geya’rah has since been the true timeline’s version of herself; she (along with the other AU Mag’har) is just also a person who outright didn’t exist until the moment when suddenly she did, complete with memories and experiences from her past in a universe that didn’t actually happen.