Necrolord Tmog Set RNG is atrocious

I’ve been working on the Necrolord leather sets (I’ve completed Kyrian and NF, 3/4 of what I like on Venthyr already).

Having done the other covenant transmog gear farms, I can say Necrolord is the WORST with regard to RNG.

There are some champions (heroes really) from the Unity tracking discord that report which WQ/Callings drop a piece and looking at the frequency of the drops, it’s as I said, completely terrible. Some drops can go as much as TWELVE DAYS before a quest offers a piece.

In the two months I was doing Mirror network dailies for Venthyr transmog, I completed the leather set, the cloth set, and 4 pieces of plate and still only have FOUR pieces of leather from the Unity set.

Can we fix the drop rate of these pieces please? It’s absolutely not fun. And the same goes for the Stitchyard set which has a similar RNG-based quest reward system – AND THOSE ARE WEEKLY quests.

The chance for a reward from the Sitchyard is atrocious. I’ve only been able to get 2 pieces and that was 5 weeks ago.

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It is absolutely insane Blizz has done nothing to address this. I’ve been at 8/9 on my sitch mail set for FIVE MONTHS. And yes I check the weekly every reset and have all constructs. Unity has its own issue if it wasn’t for discord I’d never complete my unity sets.

Night fae can outright purchase their sets with anima why can’t necrolords get this?

Blizzard please we know DF is being released this year and this hasn’t been fixed

PS make sitchyard crafting items BOA too please


Can we also for the love of gawd please make it to where a gear piece is FINALLY available on the Stitchyard weeklies, that it’s not the same damn backpiece that has already been made available SEVERAL times. Like the RNG is bad enough for this, but does it really need to add salt to the wound by having a tranmog piece you’ve LONG since collected pop again – like WHY is that even a thing?!