Necrolord Deathborne

There seems to be something cancelling the Deathborne buff on pull in a raid setting.

I would precast Deathborne with a few seconds left on pull timer → icy veins and instantly lose the buff.

here are logs from the night, happened on almost every fight that i can remember.
Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

lol. should someone tell him?

is there something obvious that im missing?

Wait until the fight starts before pressing it.

Why? Sounds like a bug to me. Same thing has been happening to me, I pre cast Deathborne before pull, and as soon as combat starts it goes away and it’s put on cooldown, that can’t be working as intended.

Works as intended, you can’t pre-cast it. Just like how an Arcane mage loses all Harmony stacks on the pull as well.

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Cool, anybody care to point out any where it says that that is how it’s supposed to work, because I can’t.

Tbh, I’m not sure why it behaves like that :man_shrugging:

You’re the type of person who had to be told not to eat Tide pods weren’t you?

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Glad to see stupidity is alive and thriving!

Blizzard typically tries to prevent a lot of optimizations before the start of an encounter from working so that people don’t feel the need to do them. Unfortunately, because WoW’s tooltips are generally simple, the buffs that are removed at the start or end of encounters are rarely well communicated in the game (outside of seeing the buff actually vanish).

In this case, I think the main optimization they are trying to avoid is casting Deathborne and then resetting the boss to reset its cooldown. The duration with Gift of the Lich would be long enough to keep the buff for the start of the encounter with the cooldown ready to use again.

Edit: I think it might be better if Deathborne was only removed at the end of encounters instead of at the start and the end, though. At least, I can’t think of anything particularly problematic outside of resetting a boss/using it before a M+ dungeon.

Yes, and you’re the chieftain of it.