Necrolord Covenant: A Closer Look Inside the Might of Maldraxxus

Maldraxxus goofball.

This covenant is the best. They even mention we can put a little tophat onto our abom :sob:

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I’m putting my Shaman in this covenant because it has Draka and I want to see her. I haven’t even looked at anything else lol.

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Saaaame. Love no nonsense Draka.

This covenant is pure hype. Our boy Kel’thuzad is hanging out here as well… really hope we don’t kill him and we just help him find his cats lost throughout the realm or something.

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The only choice if ur a gud and proper Orc iz Maldraxxus

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If only these abom customized aesthetics could be transferred to DK and lock pets. :pleading_face:

I’ve seen an image of it with the top hat. I can attest it’s abominably adorable.


Can still keep the uniqueness of being part of the Covenant if you make the abom a regular mount, just have it be a Covenant specific mount - only usable while you’re part of the Covenant and greys out if you’re not.


The most dapper of stitched together flesh. Is the plan to essentially open up the perky pug outfits to the aboms?

So just to be clear: how will Bliz keep the Necrolord Covenant from crashing, when all the cool kids will want to be Necrolords? :skull:

And what kind of self-respecting Forsaken wants to play as a nephalim? :angel:

Aren’t the Necrolords the only Covenant with a new “profession,” of corpse-manufacturing? :factory:

In all seriousness, won’t it be fairly obvious that there will be class and race-specific preference for each Covenant? I don’t see a ton of undead running to the Kyrian, or non-elven, non-druid Night Fae…but I could be wrong.

Sold, now let me add severed appendages to my armor.


You kind of get that with the Leather covenant set. Get a dangly arm on your shoulder.


Exactly I want more.

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The only thing about the necrolords i dont like is the abomination limb dk ability. Ignoring that though, this may be the right choice for me.

Also, can the back piece please be fixed? It’s really awkward looking…a giant piece of metal just floating on our back? Just make the back piece so it comes out of the shoulder blades of the wearer.


-grins and visualizes the end of Shadowlands-

Nathanos: So… it was an Abomination…?
Sylvanas: IN A HAT!!

Well that settles it. -sends Lacryma off to Mal’draxxus-

My only other question is this. Which of the Covenants will deal with the Loa / Bwonsamdi the most? Ardenweald I assume? I’m rather curious as I would love to put one of my Trolls there if I can.

I would like to be. However, this current, terrible, implementation of covenants means I am forced to choose between fun gameplay or fun aesthetic/lore. Covenants shouldn’t affect gameplay in any way.


Any chance we could get those shields?

panda swag

But I need to be able to wedge a staff in there.

100% unforced error. Shadowlands has a lot of really cool stuff that looks like it’s going to be ruined by association with horrible systems at launch. Unless something changes, people are better off waiting until 9.2 when they slap on whatever last minute fix they had to come up with in order to preserve developer egos.