Necrolord Covenant: A Closer Look Inside the Might of Maldraxxus

Man this choice is going to be really hard, both Venthyr and Necrolord mogs look fabulous on male pandas D:



::metal: Metal Guitarsolo!!!::

I hope what you meant by traveling on their shoulder that we are seriously getting an Abomination mount.


I’m still kind of salty that adaptive swarm on paper is so strong for pvp since it makes no sense thematically to go necrolord as resto druid but the mog looks pretty sweet.

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Yes. You will create your own friend to carry you where you need to go. (There are many options though.)

*To clarify, it’s not a mount you collect. It’s a way of traveling so works like a mount as you travel around the Shadowlands. See my additional response below.


Like a permanent mount to summon?! Even in Azeroth?!

This is awesome.

If this is true this will be the best gnome dk mount in the game. Like Ick and Krick from Pit of Saron!

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I’ll be doing a tauren if it’s true, a giant riding on top of a giant.


The great thing about that is I can still hear the metal solos and double bass imagining it.

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As an orc main I’m appreciating how metal they’re letting us look in Shadowlands, we’ll fit right into Maldraxxus.

As a metalhead main I’m appreciating how much many wonderful tropes they are specifically including for us (:

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we’re glorious


Sorry to spoil it a bit but, these aren’t traditional mounts you get and add to your collection. They are part of a transportation system you can use in Shadowlands. Some of the abominations will fight alongside you (not just serve as transport) as one of the Abomination Factory creations you can make. Some will carry you to your next destination (perhaps a foray into Bastion is in order? ). They all have their unique characteristics.


I have a character for each one already in mind.

The more I’ve learned about Maldraxxus, the more I want to decide on a character to join the Necrolords. But, I’m with you in that I’ll likely have a character in each.


That is cool and all - and thank you for the clarification, but could you please communicate the devs that we would love it if they took an extra step with that and made it a separate real mount for Maldraxus Renown + gold?

I will pass along word. I’m sure they’ll be watching for what people think of them, though it’s definitely something unique to the Covenant. Making it a regular mount could potentially take away from that uniqueness of being part of the Covenant.


Thinking I’ll go here if BEs get DR/Undead customization, but I may go here anyways for my main character I just love the aesthetic!