Necrolord Build

So here me out…

If switching to necrolord, any thoughts on taking flourish instead of photo will make up for losing convoke and its group healing prowess?

My thought is that is that with losing convoke you lose a powerful group healing CD, but…adaptive swarm should make up for losing the blooms that comes from photo, therefore allowing you to spec into flourish for the groupwide CD. So a WG and flourish might fill that gap that not having convoke creates?

I know some rdruids are running flourish in mythics anyway.


Circle/Flourish is already becoming meta at the top anyways so ya…

You use convoke for dmg anyway, only exception I had to this was grievous week.

yeah if you were ever using convoke to heal then that’s a bad day. from a strictly heals perspective I think Necro is just better

By that definition, I have a lot of bad days in 10+