Necro Disc

Are there any out there and how do they find it. Going to get it up before 9.2 and curious as to the damage, perks if any etc

We exist :slightly_smiling_face: the numbers are a little meh, but uncapped Unholy Nova is fun.

I tried Kyrian priest and felt as if Boon never lasted long enough to be worth it, so i went Necrolord as I hated Venthyr.

It could be a lot better, you won’t push insane numbers but an extra dot ticking on the boss that get transferred through Atonement isn’t too bad. Getting increased intel buffs from Emeni (when Nova is uncapped) feels nice and helps us out number wise…

But…if you want to really see good numbers, you might as well stick with Kyrian or Venthyr…i’m waiting to cap Necro and for 9.1.5 to swap to Kyrian or Venthyr…it’s just meh at this point

Is it usable with SS?

What sort of dps is it?

I wanted to go necro in the beta but they nerfed it too much and SS became a thing

It’s kind of useable with SS? It splits damage depending on how many targets are there, the DoT is transferred through atonement, it’s only about 700-800 a tick, with the conduit it lasts 17 seconds so about your purge the wicked time. But if you really want to ramp your SS up, you might as well just go Kyrian, it’s too good