Nearly Impossible to Find Groups Outside of Northrend

You have to check it from time to time and keep up on it. It can take a while, but for the most part you can just go on about your business.

Since so many people are questing though, I do wish Blizzard would make the dual spec unlock more accessible for lower level players or alts. While you can certainly tank or heal if you’re a dps role, it’s much harder and people are less inclined to do it. It would be nice to see dual spec either discounted if you buy a training book for an alt, or even a change in the cost structure. For example, there’s 71 talent points for level 80. What if you could purchase the first 41 points of your talent spec for 300g, then it was 200g for the next 10 points, 200g for the next 10 points, and 200g for the final 10 points.

Anyway, just the same as it was for me, you’ll eventually find a group if you’re active about it. It doesn’t take a lot of effort but you do have to stay on it. If you don’t want to do that, that’s fine, you have the option to quest. This will get you to end-game. You don’t have to do the dungeons.

OP (one of many threads): I’m trying to level up via dungeons and this is kinda frustrating to have such difficulty finding a group.



Contest it all you want, there is plenty of information (tweets/interviews) where they said just that so if living in denial gets you through the day then so be it.

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We should’ve had rdf from the start


I gave you evidence to back up what I said. All you’ve provided is a vacuous claim and a vague reference to “information”.

It can take so long that you will literally outlevel the content before you can find a group. Which is exactly why this thread exists.

Your anecdotal experience is not evidence.

Just one of the many times they have addressed this very issue.

And apparently enough of their player base is happy with no RDF that they don’t have any plans to implement.


I’m referring to evidence that your claim, that “Blizzard wants you to whisper those people and ask them if they want to do the dungeon”, is false. What you say cannot be true, as Blizzard provides us with tools, back in 2007 with TBC, and even today in Classic, that help players form groups without having to spam whisper other players. This is not anecdotal evidence (although anecdotes ARE a form of evidence). This is a fact that anybody can plainly see is true.

Nonsense and pure speculation. All that is apparent is that RDF doesn’t exist today. The conclusion that enough players are happy with no RDF literally, by definition, is not apparent, because it can only be thought to be true through inductive reasoning.

There are dramatically less players in classic than there were in original wotlk. The fact that you think you are going to have an automatic queue that works seamlessly at all hours of the day for dated content speaks volumes on your grasp of things.

If they gave you RDF you would be right back here on the forums the same day crying because it takes you more than an hour to get a group and it dropped you in Auchenai Crypts and your party broke up 10 minutes into the run.

we get it dude you hate everything and love to complain, have a banana sticker and thanks for coming.


Interesting ‘Nocht’ comment you got there, boss. Feel free to cope and seethe (which is what Nocht would do, too).

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The reason for this isnt the lack of rdf or the lack of Joyus Journeys. Its because the paid instant 70 boost NUKED lower level population. Everyone bought a 70 and made secondary accounts and bought another 70. The 70 boost is the cause and its too late, the dmg has been done.

Use /who and whisper people, levelers typically aren’t staring at LFG chat. This has successfully gotten me groups in all brackets.

I’m calling your bluff regarding Outland though. I play on whitemane, there is people who use the LFG tool on Outland. Worst case I get 2 people from the tool, and 1-2 from whispering. It’s not hard.

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1-60 really needs LFD but Blizzard is still pushing for boost sales. I’m glad all my characters are already up. The deserted old world must be dreadfully boring to level through now days.

So, with RDF, I can list myself and let it be. You literally just said “List yourself, pop it up from time to time and invite people,” which means it takes MORE effort to use the current tool than RDF.

Yea, that definitely sounds like a ton more work. How can people even stand to play this game?

It IS more work - not to mention the looking through chat for lower-level dungeons, constantly having to repost our message because of guild recruitment/boosting runs/etc. clogging it up.

I ask again, how can people even stand to play this game? Borderline unplayable!

Well, considering people are quitting left, right, and center, I don’t think a lot of people can.

Game’s dead, we should probably uninstall. I’ll put it on the todo list.

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You’re incapable of having a conversation, aren’t you?

You’re playing on a high population, single-faction PVP server that’s been around since WoW Classic. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more people leveling on new servers.

Oh, why didn’t you just group with them?

This is an interesting take! It’s not something that I find intuitively relatable, since I have no issues with using the LFG tool, but perhaps you could expand on how the tool detracts from the gameplay experience as a whole?