Naxxramas Testing Begins June 23

We intend to open the Season of Mastery 1.14.3 public test realm at 12:00 p.m. PDT on Thursday, June 23.

Thanks to everyone who joins us in testing Naxx!

What exactly needs testing? Is there differences to the previous classic implementation?

Wondering as well :eyes:

They have changed every raid in SoM up to this point so I think it is safe to assume they will do the same for Naxx… which excites me a lot :exploding_head:

Would love to see something on changes, if any that can be expected

Is this a real question?

Is there new character templates for Naxx? Mine still says AQ40

Hi All,

Wanted to pop in and provide a bit of clarification on what is new for Naxxramas in the SoM PTR. I don’t want to fully spoil all the things but wanted to at least give you some info to get you rolling.

The main thing to watch out for in Naxx is new quests offered by Archmage Tarsis Kir-Moldir near the entrance between the spider and plague quarters:

Most of the new things in Naxxramas become available as you progress through his quests and gain access to the various wares he offers.

Due to the nature of the encounters in Naxxramas, you will not find mechanical changes to the fights themselves (at least not in this round of PTR testing), but as you progress through Naxxramas and discover more of what the Archmage offers, you will discover more than a few new surprises that could have a significant impact inside (and potentially outside!) the raid, including a few special surprises based on how you approach the raid and make use of what Archmage Tarsis provides.

Overall we don’t want to say too much here as there are a few hidden surprises that we want to let players discover on their own, but did want to provide a little bit of a hint to get you started. As always, let us know at if you are planning to take your group onto the PTR and test. If you let us know when you are testing, we are able to make it, we’d love to hop on and observe your raid group.



Good luck, inbox.


I do not know what this exactly entails, but this sounds incredibly neat if this includes new items!

If you could add agility weapon enchants + sniper scope/biznik + aq20 books to the vendors that would be awesome!