Naxxramas Raid Testing – October 16

Maybe so, but that’s how it was, so if you don’t like it, don’t play.

Like that’s stopped Blizzard from changing anything lol.

are the raids the exact same make up and gear?


guilds with WBs still take the same time and even longer then guilds without WBs

So the test is for 4 hours and for where i like it starts at 8am?
Wouldn’t you want to test these longer than 4 hours?

They’re not testing balance. Their testing for hard bugs that would stop raids from completing wings. THey only need a handful of actual runs.

Yeah but it still doesn’t change my point, why would you limit it to 4 hours where for some it’s extremely early or extremely late when the testing is being done.

You’d get so much more bug reports if the duration of the test was extended to 12 hours rather than 4 hours.

Sure you could find the big bugs in Naxx by doing this, but i’d much rather get the small bugs to be dealt with as well, bugs that don’t happen often but have an impact on the raid.

If you get wiped cause of a bug that is so stupid…
My guild wiped on twin emps cause of a Brez threat bug, The lock tank that died kept the threat that he had when he got revived making Vek’lor go to the other side where Vek’nilash is making them regen their health back.

i don’t want just the big bugs, i want as many bugs as we can get and making the test only 4 hours does not achieve this goal.

That bug was in vanilla and never fixed, it’s authentic!

Can you reset our Instance ID before this wing unlocks? It will make PUGing easier for this evening.

You could just snapshot a new character over. Have everyone do it and it’s brand new.

have to redo all bindings and addon stuff :frowning:

Copy your live bindings to the PTR folder. Same with addons if you really want.

You can do that yourself, just don’t get world buffs.

people dont come to classic for challenging content, so no chance world buffs will be disabled. people just want to run around checking off their list for 30 mins before raids and collect welfare epics from these enormous glorified trash mobs in as little time as possible so they can go play battlegrounds or duels or whatever else afterwards.

Actually people come to classic so they can see big numbers but just stand there pressing one button. I don’t quite get it. Bosses are training dummies. Just different graphics. But to each his/her own. Might as well just do a weekly test of get 40 people together in raid and see how much damage they can do on a timer on a dummy.

I’m so glad I have a life and my sense of self-worth isn’t tied to a video game. Imagine…being such a hardcore loser that you actually derive a sense of superiority over others because of anything to do with a video game… RIP

I notice a couple of re-occurring classic haters in these threads…lol

Pro-tip: don’t diss on content based on stuff you haven’t ever even done, or based only on what the top speed guilds can accomplish.

It’s embarrassing.

I think it’s pretty clear why, isn’t it?

They don’t want this to be a massive practice for guilds, just a simple test to make sure everything’s working.

Also probably why they’re doing it by wing and not the entire raid

You’re trolling if you think Blizzard would make us wait two whole years for Naxx.