Naxxramas Raid Testing – October 15

I said 5-10% as I have no idea what the buff will actually do. I kinda assumed they’d use like LFR values or something but it could be way different.

Hopefully this means TBC announcement soon


Can we get the times extended, 2-6 Pacific is pretty bad timing if you want participation. Literally ending raid testing when most raids are starting. Should push it back at least 3 hours. 2-9 or 5-9

Found it thanks!

6 pacific is when Blizzard employees get off work.


Please fix the teleport / fly hacking that is rampant in the game. There are dozens of videos on it, multiple programs that are easily google-able to automate bot exploit this.

It is being used to exploit AQ and will be used in Naxx as well.



Would love a longer window? Opening at 10 and going until 6-8 may get more people.

I wish the window was open during our regular raid time/schedule.

so basically you will have a vendor inside that gives out world buffs? KEKW

Naw the vendor inside will have flasks and potions and stuff.

They did the same thing when they tested in vanilla 15 years ago.

Don’t think the aura was there though, but i might not be remembering correctly.

I read this as AQ is almost over. Praise

Please extend this time!! 5 PDT to 9 PDT is an horrible timing

That’s funny because Shadowlands got delayed because they had to work from home, they back at the work place now?

Realistically, why not just open it Thursday start of the business day then close it the morning of Friday. Let everyone who wants to test get to test it.

that’s why the ptr is up bro

I’m assuming that Johnny will just attune us and we won’t need the mats if we’re not exalted with the Argent Dawn?


A raid teleporter npc, a free buff/flask npc, a variable health and damage increase aura and a known issue indicating that they actually right clicked on the boss on their test server before pushing it onto the PTR.

Better ease up there Blizzard, you don’t want to sprain yourself with all this effort.

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Who would have thought that a company would have different PTR testing philosophies in 2020 compared to 2006. Madness.

I mean everything but the aura was on the test realm back in vanilla. Look on classic wowhead for Diet Mcweaksauce and The original Mcweaksauce.

I’m not referring to NPCs that give you flasks/gear. I’m referring to PTR buffs to make the content easier due to the goal being to find bugs, not test the difficulty.

Yo, let the entire loot table drop for bosses so we test ALL that gear :smiley: