Naxx Farmer & R14 Pro - Better Than Everyone


I know, I know… The title describes everyone that posts on these forums.

I’m not worthy.

With all that out of the way, what content would you recommend I focus on if I plan on the following:

• Living in dungeons at 60 (T0.5)
• Pugging raids, casual guild
• Rank 10 or 11 in PvP (max)
• Easy going leveling (not slow, not speedrun)
• Profession addict

I already know about obtaining the “Dungeon 2” set, but how far do you think I’d be able to raid? MC of course, up to ZG? Or AQ20?

I already expect to be carried to KT when everyone is in Naxx BiS, but until then… what are your thoughts?

PS: Feel free to call me stupid and correct me as needed. I need to know these things before launch, so I figured I’d come to the font of all knowledge and friendliness.

(Ironsides) #2

What content would I recommend you do when you already plan on doing just about everything other than cutting edge raiding…uh…what content do you think there is other than raiding/pve/pvp…?


You’re one of those :nauseated_face:

(Thundathys) #4

Honestly theres nothing wrong with your plan. Maybe throw in some casual raiding when you can,some BG’s,farm some gold (you’re going to need it)

If you ahve a casual amount of play time (2-3 hours 2-3 times a week) you will be busy.


I’ll probably have about 4 hours a day. Problem is, those 4ish hours will be at different points every day due to work and school, so I can’t dedicate to certain raid nights (hence the pugging).

(Eilethalua) #6

First, LOL no, everyone that posts one these forums was not a Naxx farmer and R14 pro. (In fact, I’d wager we could count the actual people on this forum with that kind of vanilla track record on one hand with fingers to spare.) Personally … I didn’t even get my first character to 60 until shortly after BC was released, though I played solidly from June 2006.

I’m kind of feeling the same as @Ironsides - you’ve just descibed the content you want to do, so asking what content to do seems redundant.

Now, that said, for some of what you’re describing the important thing won’t be the specific content so much as doing things that help you make friends and find a guild through which you have a chance to do these kinds of things. Additionally, take your desire to “live in dungeons at 60” - you’re either going to want to choose a tank or healer, to make finding groups easier, or plan to spend more time hoping to chance upon a group that wants your particular damage-dealing class.

Now, no guarantees, but there were guilds back in the day that had enough members to field one serious raid team, sometimes two teams once they could farm some bosses to get alts and other players geared up more, with enough players who liked PvP and dungeons to put groups together. Some of those guilds even had ranks for casual players, or what some called friends and family, players who might not do dungeons, PvP, or raids much, but contributed what they could - farming, crafting, helping a low-level alt of another player.

Basically, the right guild could make a huge difference in achieving the things you’d like to do.


That list described my intentions with (give or take) 4 hours a day played. I was mostly asking if my raid goal was probable.

And I know most people here didnt reach KT/R14. Was mocking those that claim to have done those things xD

(Ironsides) #8

Your raid goal of pugging MC and 20 mans is highly achievable. 4 hours a day even cut up into segments is more than most people can give.

(Åpocalypse) #9

What class are you planning on maining, and within that class what spec… Since your avatar is a rogue, I’ll add, that if rogue, Dagger or Mace/Sword/Fist?

Itemization can always be worked around, depending on those factors and some drop RNG in your favor, but knowing what you plan on building around would be helpful within the criteria you’ve already posted.

As for raids/non raids bit…

MC/BWL are both runnable in under 4 hours, but you probably aren’t getting into any speed runs without a solid raid guild and/or higher level raid gear. Pugging them will be -=very=- hit or miss considering how old vanilla lockouts worked.

The 20 mans, on the other hand SHOULD be quite doable in pugs, but you also stated that you may not get those 4 hours in one shot, which might make things more complicated. Also, I saw more than a few pugs back in the day just take forever to clear those places via poor organization, so unfortunately 4 hours isn’t a garuntee clear either.

The good news is, that outside of a very few choice pieces, you’re probably better off in 1.12 blues than much of MC/BWL gear, and there’s a ton of AHable gear that can boost you up, especially when combined with a couple items of the rank 10 blue set.

Beyond that, I can’t get into too many more specifics without knowing what you want to play class/spec wise… and/or your primary drives (specifically PvP or PvE centric, as pvp sets can get away with SIGNIFICANTLY less amounts of +% hit)


Sounds good. I started in Cata, but I watched my parents play for years (early BC and on). Can’t wait to get into Classic :smile:

That said, I now need to decide between
• Human Warrior
• Human Paladin
• Tauren Warrior
• Troll Shaman

(Åpocalypse) #11

The good news is those for the most part share itemization pools (assuming Ret or Enhance… it changes if Holy/Prot or Resto/Ele):

Hand of Justice Trinket from BRD is your easiest to obtain BiS item for a 2h melee…

Onyxia (1hander), Molten Core-Ragnaros (2hander) are going to be the primary early gear plateaus you probably want to clear as a melee

If you’re going Ele on the shaman, you’ll want BWL gear, trinket, and ZG

For Ret or Enhance you’ll need the PvP set or the AQ40 set.


I’ll either be healing or tanking for sure… And those 4 hours will definitely be in one shot, they’ll just be at different times of day (4 hours in the morning or 4 at night, etc).

As for my main focus… I’ll work on my dungeon set, pug what MC’s I can, then BG until reset. I’ll do this until I get as far as I can with raiding, then it’ll be BG’s, events and alts all the way.

As for raiding, I’ll probably remain a tier behind everyone else, or close to it.

To specify:
• Human Prot Warrior
• Human Holy Paladin
• Tauren/Undead Prot Warrior
• Troll Resto Shaman

EDIT: Sorry for the cluttered reply. Tried answering both of your posts at once.

(Thundathys) #13

Now thats something I’d avoid like the plague. Nothing wrong with initially pugging towards cap, but once you cap thats something you want to avoid.

Joining a guild invalidates the need to pug and is frankly a better overall experience for everyone involved. Not saying you won’t at times be pugging an extra member (with your schedule it could unavoidable) but that’s the way to make friends with less stress than praying you not going to have to interact with the dregs of your server.


Just need to find a decent (size and quality) guild, then.

(Mini) #15

Wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep a close friends list as well.

More often than not you’ll find the same group of people looking for a pug MC monday mornings and a completely different but still consistent group looking to pug MC thursday nights.


For a sec I thought you were actually claiming your a naxx farmer and a r14 pro from the title lol I wonder if there even is anybody like that


Tons of people will claim one or the other (or both). The title was clickbait, but don’t tell anyone :wink:

(Necrosis) #18

Role Playing

(Lagooshka) #19

You’ll probably have an easier time finding a pug spot in a raid as a healer than as a tank. Most guilds will probably want to use their own tanks, especially in MC when it comes to binding drops, and raids need more healers than tanks. You’ll have to chose for yourself between horde and alliance for shaman or paladin. Paladins are great single target healers with a bit of micro-management keeping blessings up and shamans are great group healers with a bit of micro-management keeping totems up.

(Weili) #20

There were; they were all in guilds like Nihilum and the others that cleared Naxx before BC dropped.