Name Reservations Round 2

During release day, what’s going to happen when we have even more players logging in, trying to reserve 47+ names?

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You can still log in and reserve your names tho.


Well guess what. Don’t talk about this or there will be a holy storm.

Guess who has queue priority for a server…

can you guess?

I dont think most people have that many names they care about

Well has Blizz really advertised it enough to ensure to put it out to the public besides the WoW community?? That’s the real question to ask. :clap::kissing_heart::face_with_monocle:🤷

the people that live the closest to the servers? because they have the lowest latency so they will be able to see when it is up milliseconds before others??


That is not it. I may be wrong. It might not work in classic the way it used to.

But the priority for the login server is:

Lowest Priority: Trial accounts (not relevant for classic i think).
Regular Priority: Paid accounts with no character on server.
High Priority: Paid accounts with a character on server.

I know that is how it used to work. Not 100% sure if it works that way for classic.

So if you made a character early via name reservation then most likely you will get to login before those that have not made characters. Would be nice to see a blue comment on this. But I think that is true.

That actually sounds familiar you may be right, I dont remember were but I heard that before some were a long time ago. If true good news for me I have my names.

found this post from 2010 sounds like Hammis is right.

Since i’ve been here as long as wow have i’ll explain what i know regarding the que system wich was quite normal back in the vanilla days when there werent more than a handfull of realms

  1. Accounts with characters on said realm gets prioritzed over everyone else
  2. Accounts that are real and not trial will have the 2nd in the " prio list "
  3. Trial accounts

Thats how it used to work back in the days, there was alot of hype and questions regarding this and blizzard stated that players who have chars on X realm should have prio due to them playing actively there, apart from someone looking to make their first on X realm

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Even if they only care about a couple of names, they might try to grab them on multiple realms in case they want them in the future.

Your toon’s name is terrible simply because it’s not a tauren.

Will have my names reserved today

What people don’t seem to realize is that levelling from 1 to 60 takes roughly 150 hours (record is around 120 but you aren’t doing it in 120, trust me).

What’s the point of reserving 14 different toon names?

In case you might use some of them in the future.

Even with new layering technology, I guess realms do have an upper limit.

This is for EU:

Uh oh…