Name changes and paid transfers

I think these are changes that wouldn’t make a big deal in the change of the game in the shop.


Blizzard already said the only likely RMT are server transfers

“Name Changes” and “Server Tranfers”…to avoid those blacklists?


Paid transfers, probably not.

Name changes? The damage they do is immense. People can be as nasty as they want, ninja items, destroy raids and change their name to avoid any kind of repercussions. It’s as bad as cross-server queues.

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I did make a character with a name with just the slightest change I want on it but can’t.

I would be pleased with paid transfers

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Reputation is crucial in Classic. When there are ways to make it disappear, it’s not a beneficial outcome for the rest of the pop.


I’m all for paid transfers. They were in vanilla and they make sense.

Name changes though? No. That’s a great way to ninja-loot and pay your way out of the earned reputation.

EDIT: I wanted to make a point of saying I understand people can ninjaloot and then server transfer, but that’s a lot more drastic than a name change. Server transfers will be great for consolidating groups of friends who may have rolled on various servers and want to get together but don’t want to completely re-roll.


I’m against name changes.

It let’s those with a poor reputation hide.


I recall that you can friend someone and if they change the character name they are still on your friendslist with the new name, I may be wrong though.

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Yeah thank god there isn’t already something place to allow these evil doers to move around without any issues or being held accountable by their unwavering communities:

Its kinda laughable at this point that anyone would even dare bring up community as a reason to not allow paid transfers.

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Did you read the rest of the post? It says free Character Moves will be closed without warning for any destination realm that becomes full. The idea OP is suggesting is name changes and paid transfers whenever people want it. Incredibly different.

Pretty sure there hasn’t been any statements from blizzard confirming that.

Thats how it works. You can’t scumbag out of ignore with a name change.

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Will there be paid services for Classic?

We aren’t considering other services beyond character transfer at this time.

There was also another statement, but I’ll have to dig it up.

Found it.

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[Q: Will PAID transfers also be a thing should a server drop heavily in population and a player wishes to move to find more activity or reconvene with friends on another server? ](htt ps://

A: We’re considering integrating a character transfer service once players have reached higher levels. This was available in the original WoW. We’ll look at the rules we imposed at that time and also discuss the implications of players moving to a new realm. We believe realm identity is an important aspect of Classic so any guidelines around transfers should support this belief.

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yes i read it and the idea that anyone including blizzard cares about community continuity at this point is beyond laughable when literally everyone has the ability to ninja and go as a final FU to whatever hell hole they came from.

Also just realized you are from a RP server. No point in explaining things to you, this isn’t some esoteric RP debate.

Your experiences are not typical of most players.

Take care.

Take care. Your post said a whole lot of nothing.

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I started on West coast server with my retail guild, they all quit. I’m East coaster. I found some old friends on another server, I’d like to move my 60 to play with them and not have them wait a month for me to get another 60 caught up. I’d pay some $ for that