Name change needed

Yo, just recently got back into WoW, after it seems I might be without a job for a wee bit longer than was expected. I toyed around on my main, started a new warlock… seemed a good idea at the time. Then I remembered that I wanted to try playing a spriest(again). I had an account from many many many moons ago, like years, and I hopped on that toon, and had a good time leveling. I thought I chose a creative name for a Disc/spriest called Powerwordhug. I thought I nailed it, and for the lack of creativity that I have… I did. Well lo and behold, there’s another Powerwordhug out there and apparently he/she has guides and all sorts of stuff on the interwebs that I was clueless about until the other day when someone said that they were glad to see me on and whatnot. I typically just ignore this stuff, but that’s when i googled Powerwordhug and wow and saw some guides.
If the masses say that there are about 50000 Johns around and that I need to get over it, that’s cool. I just don’t want to infringe on someone who is using this as a serious platform and inadvertently have the same name. I actually stopped caring about being good around cata, so call me uber casual.
If it comes down to the $10, I’ll just delete the character, got 3 boosts banked anyways, just wanted to know what i should do. And before you tell me to just delete the character, would you mind losing one of your boosts just for some unseen circumstance?

If it does not violate policy, CS will not generally give you a free name change. Sorry.


If you’re on a RP realm, you can argue that it violates the compound name rule but aside from that, you’re okay to be PWHug.

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I think that would be a tripound? name

Compound means two or more.

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Wouldn’t hurt to open a ticket and ask them to flag your name.

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If you wish to keep the name, by all means keep it! If it doesn’t violate the Naming Policy, there shouldn’t be an issue. If you feel like you need/want to change the name, you also have that option available as you pointed out.

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You could ticket and ask, but Kozzae is correct. We don’t normally grant a change when the name doesn’t violate any rules.


Thanks for the responses. I tried to contact the serious PWH, but to no avail. So please close the topic. If the original guy/gal wants me to change it, they know how to contact me.

Nobody gets to “own” a name. Just because they are well known and use it on their realm doesn’t entitle them to stop others from using it on other realms. There is really no reason for you to change it IMO.

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Powerwordhug is a 10/10 name. Why would you want to change it?

On a side note, it makes me wonder how I haven’t been flagged yet. I get so much grief for my name lol

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