[NA] [Area 52] Murloc Brotherhood (9/9H 2/9M) recruiting for AotC+/M+

Murloc Brotherhood is an EST based raiding guild looking to grow our raid team for AotC+.

Seasonal Goals: AotC at a quick pace each tier, and push as far as we can into Mythic at a more relaxed pace than CE guilds. CE is secondary to us having fun and enjoying the game. We aim to farm AotC every week and progress into Mythic with leftover raid time.

Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday 8-11pm EST. Alt Nights are Friday 8-11pm EST (These generally begin once the main raid no longer needs normal gear).

Raid Team Requirements: Any normal/heroic level logs from a recent or current raid tier, ILVL of 425 or better, and a tolerance for shenanigans. This is an adult guild and our humor and atmosphere tends to reflect that. For example, we enjoy banter when some dies to giant avoidable death beams.

Current needs:

Range DPS (No Aug Evokers)
Rogue/DPS DK
Non-Shaman Healer

If interested, reach out to Mazool#1964 (B.net), or .catjam/mazool on disc

Come on out and join the fun!

Still looking to round out the roster with some solid players

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Its hot as hell outside today, but its cool inside where you can join our raid team!

Happy Monday. Still looking for some solid DPS for our push into mythic!

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Come on in and join up with the hottest guild on Area 52 that hasnt killed a mythic boss yet

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Starting mythic progress tonight! Come join in on the action

1/9M on our first night of real prog! Come on while you still can!

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Come on in! Recruitment needs have been updated

2/9M in 2 weeks of Mythic raiding. Come on in and join the fun!

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