[NA] [A] [PVE] Grievance wants you for WoW Classic! [PAGLE]

Oh jeez, I don’t even remember lol, I only got to half way to max or so but was a fun time.

Yeah same. Always end up back in WoW. Anyway. If you needed a guild we will be on Horde side as well.


Sounds good! May have to take you up on that offer, I’m probably gunna be prioritizing finding a PVE server that’s medium-high population with a good horde-alli ratio, but I’ll keep you guys in mind!

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Yeah, servers will be tough but I am assuming there will not be many PvE realms.

Good luck!!

Ya totally, I don’t want to be stuck on a low population server with very little auctions or people to dungeon/raid with.

Best of luck to ya too!

Servers are a big topic tight now. Blizzard really should have given us at least a hint of what their plans were on this.

We will carefully pick a suitable home for us when we see the realm list.

Hopefully they announce soon! :slight_smile:

Hello! USAF vet here. My MMO experience includes DCUO, FF14, BDO, ESO and currently retail WoW. Im interested im joining your guild and filling the social void left behind when I stopped playing DCUO with my old guild.

Hello lindiwe. Give me a shout on discord for more info if you want. :slight_smile:

I joined Grievance almost 5 years ago for the launch of ArcheAge. I have to say, having 600-800 people doing trade pack runs was amazing. Those were fun times. Now it’s time to reminisce in another great game, Classic WoW!

I look forward to joining those of you who will be playing Alliance and can’t wait to get started!

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Nice, would love to join the discord. How would I find a link to join, or invite?

What is the forum address? I tried to google but it sent me to a placeholder.

Hey! Just contact Creed#6349 and he can help you out :slight_smile:

I cant post links so hehe…my best advice is to contact Creed#6349 on Discord to help you out.

I would like to join you. You will start on both Alliance and Horde at launch?

Yes! We have both Horde and Alliance guilds. Hook up with Creed#6349 on Discord and he can help you out with joining. :slight_smile:

This looks like just the guild I am looking for. The most important thing for me is the comradery . Everything else always falls in to place when there’s a good guild family to play with. I have been playing WoW for 15 years now and am so looking forward to the Classic version of WoW! I liked the challenge it offered. I started playing WoW because my son asked for it for Christmas. I had no idea what it was about, and no idea how much I would enjoy playing it myself. I played a druid healer back in the day. I also played a hunter, however, my druid became my main as I joined a guild who needed healers for raid progession. I plan to make a druid healer as my main in Classic WoW and would love to join your guild. I have experience in all of the old school raids and dungeons, and am hoping to run dungeons and eventually raid. I’m excited to think that now we have an opportunity to work together, on attunement quests, and the likes because we all know in Classic WoW, progression required a good guild home and working towards leveling to 60 and obtaining class mounts, entrance in to MC, and other dungeons required long quest lines that required dungeon runs and a lot of work that was a lot easier in a good guild home where you had many willing to help out. I am one who loves to help and will whenever needed. I also have three other people in my family who will be joining. I don’t have discord at the moment, but I play a pally on Stormrage named Allianya. I also have a hunter on that same realm named Keoni. Thank you for your time, hope to join your guild!

Wanted to add my battle tag, Kioni#11721 . Thanks again!

Welcome jearylin :slight_smile:

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